How do you feel about the original Perfecto /biker jacket by Schott ???

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  1. I searched checked out various threads about leather jackets but coudn't find anybody mentioning it.
    I know a lot of brands are now producing biker style leather jackets and there are fabulous ones on the market, but a couple of days ago I came across the original "perfecto" by Schott . And I thought the washed lather look was nice and the black one looked pretty cool as well... Is there is reason why they are not as popular not well made or ???
    Would love to hear your insights !

    Here is a pic of the brown one.

  2. I bought a Schott black motorcycle jacket over 20 years ago in Portland Maine for $200.
    I could never part with it even though it became too small for me. I just wore it open. I passed it onto my daughter about 6 yrs ago when she was in high school. She wore it quite a bit and we just recently donated it to Salvation Army with a few other things. The jacket held up really well all these years. Not sure about their current merchandise but I know I got my money's worth.
  3. Thanks, I was just wondering why nobody was talking about these as they seem to be at the origin of the whole trend way back...? Are they too commun in the US? Here Schott is mostly know as the inventor of the perfecto.

    Anybody has one, pics ?
  4. Oooh, I love it!

    I just went to their website to check them out (I've never heard of them before) and I found this sweater/jacket that I'm totally in love with!
  5. Really you didn't know them ?!
    I thought everybody would as they are I think in the US or am I wrong ?
    Would love some more input .
  6. It's gorgeous!
  7. Here is a pic of Lily Allen wearing the original black one:


  8. Nope, never heard of them until this post. I've never really been a fan of leather jackets until recently though so maybe I had heard the name, but it just didn't stick in my head.
  9. i had never heard of them either, but my bf told me they're the ones who started the perfecto style motorcycle jacket! and they're the first to put zippers on jackets too...?

    but back to topic, i REALLY like that jacket...i want it too now!
  10. I love it. Very cool and authentic looking. Like the Levi of jeans (which I love too!)
  11. I just bought the brown one, next will be black lol.
    It is gorgeous the leather is amazing.

    Now I understand why you guys don't know this range since they only started producing the women's version this year in the US, but they are produced under license in France and they have started to developp the women's line earler here so the vintage style with extra sheepskin collar doesn't exist in the US.