how do you feel about the acacia spy?

  1. Hello,
    Just wondering how do you feel about the blue handle acacia spy?

  2. This is a highly coveted spy bag! It is probably not an everyday bag for most collectors, but quite lovely :tup:. Here are some threads you may find of Liz has the purple handles, and now I have a "baby" (baulotto) Liz as well. Charming :nuts:
  3. Wow the blue handle and the purple one look amazingly close in color range.

    Just wondering how eveyone one else feels?

    Is it easy to wear?
  4. The bag is stunning and does go well with most things. I think if you love patent bags you will like the acacia. The body of the bag is like a patent bag, it does not look or feel like a normal nappa leather bag, this is because the bag has been treated to give it a shine.
  5. Is it quite durable? Rain? Snow? I'm on the weatcoast so we can pretty much get three different weather forecast in a 2 hour span.

    Any one else personal opinion on it?
  6. annnnnnnyyyy opinions....dont be shy! lol!
  7. I love it! Very pretty. Looks like it will go with a lot, very different, special.
  8. It is somewhat durable. It is not quite as coated as one might think. FENDI has a Spalmati finish - coated fabric and a patent finish that are more plastic coated. There are areas of pure leather on the Acacia and if you get stuff on it, take it off gently, maybe a touch of Apple Leather Care -- on the other hand, it is not super fragile in the rain like LV vachetta leather...:s.

    Oh yeah, and if you spill a glass of wine, don't leave your acacia spy in it, OK, or you'll be sorry:drinkup:
  9. ^lol, sounds like it happened to a certain somebody!
  10. im actually very much surprised its not as durable.
  11. Also one last silly question.....can I carry it out in the rain? Can the regular spies be carried in the rain too?

    Thank you everyone!
  12. Regular Spies are definitely all-weather bags. We have had a very wet winter here, and all my Spies got wet repeatedly, and they still look great!
  13. thank you speedy. Thank you everyone for your help!
  14. wow, i haven't visited fendi in a while. :p

    i used to own this bag (purple color version) and i miss it dearly! luckily, i still have my baby spy in this style so i am happy.

    this bag is quite versatile, especially for spring/summer/fall! i wear a lot of denim in my day-to-day attire and the bag went well with it.

    i never took this one out in the rain, though occasionally i did get a few drops of water on it from washing my hands etc. it seems to always recover back to normal.
  15. i want the purple one too....but its seems more elusive...and I can't really see the difference in pictures...