How do you feel about someone touching your Coach????

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  1. Today I had a Dr.'s appointment and had some routine blood work done! Well, the Nurse that drew my blood was in love with my Leather Sophia! So she wanted to see the lining when she was done..Ok no problem! Well, then she went alittle to far..She took my bag and put it on her shoulder:nuts:..I felt sick to my stomach! When I got home and told my 10 yr. old dd, she was like what did you do Mom? I was *shocked*!!!!Come to find out this woman is a die hard Coach Lover..So of course I told her about TPF, and she took the web info...I don't like people to just touch my bag or look inside it..:nono: She kept on telling me how nice it is and how she has many bags, etc..So how would you feel if this was you???I was stumped! I don't mind having compliments, but Don't Touch My Bag! It's personal and it's MINE! Am I being mean?
  2. If it was a friend or co-worker or someone I know, I wouldn't mind. However, if it was a stranger (which in your case it was), I wouldn't be comfortable with that, mostly because I wouldn't want someone looking around inside my bag. I don't think you're being mean, you're just expressing your feelings about YOUR things, kwim?? :smile:
  3. I would like to add that she was sweet, but I just don't care for people to do that..My kids or bf don't even touch my bag! I did tell her about TPF:smile: I tell my kids, Mom is going to have ONE thing to call her OWN..So maybe this is why I'am so protective~
  4. No, you're not being mean. It's not like you slapped her across the face, LOL. I don't mind if people touch my bags or try them on, as long as they ask first.
  5. I'm very protective of my Coach bags and do not like strangers touch it. I work too hard for somebody to damage it. I hold my bag close to me all the time. Also, they might be trying to steal it and with all my bank cards, phone and keys!
  6. I was flattered, but shocked at the same time! I guess it was better than not having my bag noticed:smile: She loved the fact that the handles can go over the shoulder.This bag does stand out, so I could see why someone would want to touch the yummy leather,lol!!!!
  7. God help anyone who asks to try my bag on and then take off with it - even with heels on I will run faster than you.
  8. I'd feel the same way as when people thought they could touch my pregnant belly-just.don'
  9. :tup:
  10. Oh yeah me too! :lolots: That is why I don't share..Sorry but it is mine and I will share anything else, but not my Coach! God help anyone that tried to mess with my Coach....When I 'am shopping I set something down in the front of the cart and strap my bag in! I've seen first hand someone steal a bag from Walmart and I'am Not going to be subjected to that!
  11. Yes, I strap my bags in too!
    If they try to pick it up, it isn't going anywhere. ;)
  12. I'm totally not a fan when people try on and touch my bags... it happens most often when I go to the Coach outlet and most of the SA's there haven't seen some of the FP bags yet... this past weekend I went to the outlet, but I was so happy not one SA asked to hold my bag, its probably because I went thru the store so fast... I use to let them touch/hold my bags, but not no more, it bugs the hell out of me... friends/family I'm ok with... only for a few seconds though, LMAO
  13. How do I feel about someone touching MY Coach??

    DON'T DO IT!!!

    It's one thing if they were to ask but I just wanted to slap this one girl that just grabbed my bag and put her hands all over it.
  14. I have never like anyone in my family just digging though my bag but especially my Coach and when it comes to strangers just coping a feel I don't get why you would? Who just touches a strangers bag? Not cool. I mean it's an invasion of personal space. Like a stranger touching your pregnant belly.
  15. I know I don't like people to touch my coach. The most annoying is when it is someone's kids and they are rubbing my bag and touching my key fobs on my bag and pulling on them I am like please don't touch. I am sorry but I don't want someone's dirty finger rubbing on my purse I have three kids of my own and they don't rub on my coach's either.