How do you feel about paying more for last years date code?

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  1. I know it is still very early in the year so it would be difficult for most items to have this years date code already.

    But...I am quite annoyed by the idea that LV is rolling out a price increase at the start of the year and charging us more for last years date code.

    Would you ever see a luxury car brand charging more for last years car model and getting away with it?

    :whiteflag: Not trying to start a war. Just want others opinions on this. :shrugs:
  2. It honestly does not bug me
  3. I don't really think datecodes are coveted in the same way the latest registration plate on a car is though so not sure it's a fair comparison. LV doesn't offer any sales promotions so it'd be pretty hard for them to sell off last year's bags at last year's prices!

    I have to say it doesn't bother me.

    If you think about it there will be 2 bags out there with the same datecode - one will be purchased today at the pre-increase price and one will be purchased tomorrow at the post-increase price. Same principle I guess.

    You'll find this in every walk of life if you think about.
  4. It's the principle really. Date codes are important when it comes to resale price value as is with a car so that is a good comparison.

    I know that LV doesn't have sales and don't expect them to but I still don't think it's fair to charge the new higher price for a bag that is already possibly a year old and has endured a year of oxidisation.
  5. Paying an increased price for "last year's" product, I guess that could be a little annoying but it wouldn't bother me too much. Plus I think they are just getting in 2014 stock.. I ordered a wallet about a week & a half ago that was made the first week of 2014.
  6. No biggie at all
  7. That's interesting. A pochette I bought last week had Oct last years date on it. I'm hoping the other items I have ordered are closer to this years code.
  8. +1
  9. I never think of it like that, if I did I'd be well hacked off as my Emp artsy had a date code of more than 18 months before I bought it. And for the record if a car is last years model but there have been no significant changed and it has not yet been registered and is sat in a dealers show room, yes it will get the current selling price tagged to it. Due to how and when cars are made and shipping it could take upto 6 months for your car to arrive from being built and the price may have increased over that time. It's life.
  10. Sorry, but I purchase new cars and I know for sure that they are not allowed to ask the new year current price for a car with last years manufacturing plates.

    That's the case in Australia anyway. They always have to discount a few thousand if for example you are purchasing a 2013 model in 2014.

    If I received a bag from LV aged more than 12 months old I would ask for another bag.
    I have read where unsold stock is destroyed after 12 months anyway so that shouldn't happen.
  11. Funny OP asked this question. I was a little perturbed to see that my Keepall had a date code of mid-2012 when I bought it at the end of 2013. It's already overpriced canvas, and to be non-current as well?
  12. + 2

  13. I do not think it is a good comparison at all. Cars have different technology, style upgrades, compliance with government regulations. The models change somewhat. At a minimum, the gPS has to updated. Moreover, a lot of cars are leased by companies so they have to be different to convince fleet sales to upgrade each year or two. That's the pull - new and better. The bags do not change from one year to the next. It is the same bag. It has no technological advancement.

    It is what it is. People criticize other designers for putting bags in sale or selling at outlets. Then they want price changes for the year of production. It really can't be both ways. If it were, the old bags would wind up on a clearance rack. And the. People would be trolling around the mall waiting for an old bag to become available. It would dilute the price and the prestige of LV.
  14. The date code doesn't bother me too much. But, while I know that LV does not have sales, I'm not sure why the discontinued items are subject to the same price increases. For example, the infini - since they are replacing it with black - why subject it to the increase - same with the classic Neverfull - now that they have the neo Neverfull? It doesn't really bother me though, just wondering why they would increase prices on those items as well.
  15. It's ironic in a way to complain about old date codes on new merchandise (and at new pricing) when there are so many discussions asserting that older LV was better made and more identifiable by its location of manufacture. And there are buyers out there in the resale market who will actively hunt for things from previous years.

    To answer directly, as an LV buyer over the years I have never cared one way or another about the date code if I was receiving something fresh from the store. I also think condition more than year (i.e., date code) affects resale more significantly.