How do you feel about Hermes Lizard Skin

  1. I don't know if it's just me but I don't find them appealing! It looks like a piece of plastic to me. I have seen them in so many colors and I just don't like them. I do like them for agendas and wallets but for a Birkin or a Kelly or any other bag I don't know.

    I was at Hermes today with my husband (trying for the impossible while my husband was flirting with the sales reps!) And hey had a 28cm Poitrion Lizard Kelly and it felt like plastic to me.

    What's your girls thoughts on this? Oh yes my only purchase was a scarf and some deodorant and bath gel and my hubby purchased a pair of shoes! Shoes! Shoes!!!!!:rant: He's never going to wear them!!!! I can't get him to buy shoes but a Hermes rep sure can! :rant:
  2. It's not my favorite exotic. I'd rather have ostrich or croc but I admire lizard in evening bags. Not a Birkin or Kelly.
  3. Thats what I say!!! I wonder if they sell as much as they produce
  4. are you sure about the size? as far as i know they are only able these days to produce up to 25 cm ?
    well anyway i love and as it only comes in small bags or items i am fine with that . i love how the light is reflected by all these small scales. at a cndle light dinner it looks like the bag is dipped in diamonds :love:
    but sure i only buy it for the look not the feel
  5. I heard that they only make in 25cm B and K, too, lilach. :smile:
  6. believe me they do ! as lizard skin is very very sought after for the small kellys the mini birkins and clutches. it is and always has been a hermès staple to use lizard skin. but i have to admit it has mostly its fans amongst "old school" hermès collectors andy you have to gt used to it to love it. but is has a great heritage with the house of hermès :yes:
  7. it probably was a 25cm, I didn't ask, now that I think of it it was small
  8. Makes me sad that I passed on a light beige lizard skin Constance just last time I'll know better. I'm still learning from all of you! :yes:
  9. just buy it if you love the skin. it is either love or hate there is no in between with this skin.
    i love but a friend is scared of it she refuses even to touch it :rolleyes:

    ah and one to add it is not the most durable skin (by hermès standarts) you have to take care of it it ´hates to be exposed to sunlight as it can dry out and then the scale may lift and crack.
    never happened to me but want to mention it
  10. I love the fuschia lizard mini Plume that I saw today in SF. DH also overheard the SA's talking about a JPG Kelly clutch in green lizard but I'm not sure if they had one in the back or they were just talking about it. :graucho:
  11. I ADORE it!!!!! Second only to croc, in my opinion!!
  12. I dont' know....I'm on the fence about this skin. I'm pretty dang sure how I feel about Ostrich and I absolutely LOVE Croc but lizard? I just don't know.......hmmmmm....
  13. Me too. I'm not a great fan of lizard skin. It looks like plastic to me. I much prefer croc.
  14. I like the lizard on the mini Kelly or bolide. But I have seen some older lizard 32 28 Kellys where the scales had dried out and fallen off. That cannot be repaired. They were probably not maintained correctly, no regular visits to Hermes.
  15. I am way too far away from deciding if I'd like a lizard skin bag...need to purchase some staples first.