how do you feel about getting a bag w/ bad reviews?

  1. Haha..what a superficial question right? But anyone ever felt like me? I continue to get bags w/ bad reviews but then, I never post it here...haha...
  2. Basically I dont care, cos one man's meat is another man's poison.
  3. I have never got a bag with bad reviews, so I do not know how it feels like. Before I purchase a bag, I would check the reasons for the reviews (good or bad) and take them into consideration. Most likely I would stay away from bags that have many bad reviews.
    Flip your question the other way. I would definitely consider bags that have great reviews. However, I may not buy them if I do not agree with the reasons behind the great reviews, or if the reasons do not pertain to my needs. For example most people love to use the much admired and desirable Hermes Kelly as an everyday bag. I would not buy it as an everyday bag, because I find it inconvenient to get in and out of.
  4. that quote! :tup: Well, how about getting a bag that maybe no one likes? Do you mean that? I actually have a funny story.....about a week ago I purchased a New With Isabella Fiore Audra bag! The one that everyone SLAMMED on this forum! Pepto Bismol...bad grommets, you name it. Dang it - I thought it was cute! And now it's on it's way! (here on Monday).....and of course, when I do get it and then EWWW - GROSS! then, well, the joke's on ME!!! :p
  5. The only opinion that matters is mine. I don't need other people's validation.
  6. What I meant by bad reviews is like what jchiara said. I have a prada plex stampato which everone said was like someone drew all over it hehe...but since jchiara's coming clean i'm coming clean too haha...what a follower haha....Idk why I fell in love with it ... sigh like falling in love with a not so handsome man? haha...
  7. It makes me wonder if I am wasting my money, but I buy it anyway.:confused1:
  8. it depends on the reason for the bad review. If it is appearance/inconvinience/weight, etc I wouldn't care. If bad reviews are about the leather quality and noneven stitching I'd probably not buy.
  9. For a bag with bad reviews, I would def have to see IRL b4 buying but I bought my first Bulga sight unseen because of all the great raves on this forum.
  10. I am the same as I am with reviews of theatre, books, restaurants - I look at the source of the review and make a judgement about how common our tastes are likely to be for the subjective bits. Then I look at the objective fact based parts e.g. hardware discolours or sloppily made handle. And then I go my own sweet way taking those things into account!
  11. I would have to say that it might just bother me a tiny bit, but I think I would pick myself up and get over it...after all, it is what I like that counts!
  12. I think I would follow my own heart regardless of the reviews except for one thing: the weight of the bag. If I hear a bag is heavy, IT IS DISQUALIFIED!!!
  13. There are alot of bag snobs about, and if the bag I like is getting slated just because its not from a certain label, then I dont give a stuff! I only buy what I like, not what others expect me to buy. However if the review talks about shoddy workmanship or studs falling off etc. then I would definatley take note. :yes:
  14. Oh, Halzer.....I most definitely agree. I really value PF member's the unsolicited ones in real life that bug me....if they are negative. (which really doesn't happen)
  15. I guess it depends on the review... if they say a bag has poor rivets or zippers, then I would have to test all the hardware in person before buying it.

    If the review is just about looks, I'd still buy it if it appealed to me. I am very particular about what I like in terms of organization and design so I work off my own immediate reaction than some review.

    I would love to see some of these bags with "bad" reviews... what are they?