How do you feel about crocodile skin handbags?

  1. Just to get a feel for how members here feel about GENUINE crocodile and alligator skins. All hand-made and imported.

    no subtle advertising permitted here.
  2. well i reallt like the way the last ones look but i personally think croc skin is pretty gross,,,,
    I mean i do use leather and i know that is bad too but the leather is coming from cows and at least i hope that the cow hides used are ones from cows that are eaten as well, and so the whole animal is used

    but things like croc skin and minks and such those are animals that are not being eaten, they are just being killed for the sake of a handbag and that i think is very very wrong :sad:

    sorry if i have said anything that no one wants to hear i mean to each his own i would never be one of those crazy ppl throwing red paint on your fur coat, but i do think its gross :sad:

  3. I love them!!! I have 3 Nancy Gonzalez clutches - black, pink and teal. They are a lot higher than those. Are they genuine skins?
  4. Crocodlie skin really freaks me out...not for any moral reason, I just don't like the way it looks. Sorry!
  5. I'm with Bessie, I don't mind standard cow or pig leather but I do mind "exotic" skins like croc, ostrich, python, etc. Not only do they tend to be ridiculously pricey but I'm just not that impressed by the "rarity". I try not to think about how they come to market.
  6. cute but I say "Poor crocs!!!" :crybaby:
  7. we don't allow any advertising here at all.
  8. Though I like the look of them, I'm not a fan of exotic skins. Just on the grounds of species sustainability and ethics.
  9. I've never liked exotic skins, they look too much "granny-style" to me.
  10. i think a croc clutch would be awesome.
  11. Crocs and alligators belong in the swamp minding their own business. Give me cow anyday.
  12. Crocodile bags these days tend to come from farmed animals--not from swamps. I personally love exotics, ostrich as well (another farmed animal).
  13. Will these sell in store or only online? I mean, can I see them in person somewhere? Let us know.
  14. No exotic skin handbags here....They just don't appeal to me. (Although as a wee child I had an alligator purse, head and all. I live in Florida and it must have been given to me by someone...who or why I do not know. Nor do I know where it is now...nor do I care.) Eekk!
  15. No likey!

    I eat cows so all their parts get used up instead of being used for their skin