How Do You Feel About Coach at TJMaxx?

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  1. Does anyone else feel kind of sad that Coach is now available at TJMaxx? Now while I am quite aware that Coach is made with good materials and of good quality, when I buy a piece I feel like I'm paying a high price for both quality and because it's somewhat exclusive. Does anyone else feel like Coach may lose some of that luxurious feeling now that you can pick it up off a rack at TJMaxx for a largely discounted price?
  2. I don't find Coach to be particularly exclusive, and I don't buy it because of that reason - so it doesn't bother me where it is located. It's already saturated in the market, so I'm not surprised that it is at TJ Maxx and other locations that are not specifically Coach boutiques. Their marketing strategy is very successful for what they are trying to accomplish, so I can admire that. But if I want an exclusive feeling, I go to other brands.
  3. No. TJ Maxx carries Polo, Juicy, Donna Karan, Lulu Guinness, Lacoste, Lilly Pulitzer, you name it. They no longer buy "seconds" or defective merchandise, only overstocks.
    For instance, let's say a department store orders thousands of Polo shirts from Ralph Lauren and the manufacturing of those shirts is running behind and the delivery of said shirts isn't on schedule, that department store can refuse delivery of those shirts if the "complete by" date isn't what should the Ralph Lauren company do? Sit on those shirts hoping some other store will take delivery on them at the original wholesale price? That's where TJX company comes into play..they come and buy the shirts at a discount, because now the shirts are considered "past season"...for a huge discount and pass the savings on to the customers. I think a lot of people don't understand that part of the business, and the same goes for Coach...also overstock comes into play. Companies estimate the consumer needs/wants and if they miss the mark on a certain style of bag and don't sell the projected amount of bags made, what else are they going to do with the product? They financially can't hold onto it, so....
  4. It doesn't bother me, but as candace said it is already pretty saturated. Their outlets is what probably dimishes the value the most, I think we have all witnessed first hand how they have new models out there within weeks at big discounts. I like to buy it that way though..when you are carrying it (or any other brand of bag or clothing,etc) nobody knows if you paid $600 or $150 for it. :tup:
  5. Don't get me wrong, I'm personally NOT complaining when I find a steal no matter where it's from, lol! I don't have to buy designer items at the full price boutiques, and in fact I shy away from it....but.... I think it's a shame when you see $658 bags show up for $200 at the outlet, or a $698 bag show up at TJ Maxx for $170, especially within just a few very short weeks of the bags being part of the "current" line... This is what we have just seen this weekend alone, and not to mention some of their higher priced bags that end up for half off at least at the outlets! That's just insane, and IMO totally degrades the brand image and line, as well as angers a lot of people that paid full or near retail price! It angers me just because it reinforces the point that there is a HUGE markup on all accessories. This is one reason I don't buy into the luxury item can get a lot more for your money elsewhere. It's all about what's important to you...bang for your buck, or the status. I've personally never really considered Coach to be very exclusive or high end...just perhaps in terms of production or the specific stores that are allowed to carry only some some of their products have a bit of exclusivity within Coach. But be certain that probably even a lot of those "exclusive" items will make their way into the outlets and places like TJ Maxx!

    What I know is that you can easily train a population to wait for sales, and I'm a good example of that. I love to shop at places like TJ Maxx or the outlets, and I feel good when I can get a really nice item at a cheaper price. The more "deals" I continue to find at places like this or the outlets, the more inclined I am to never buy from their boutiques or full price at dept stores. I'm not sure what effect all of these issues will eventually have on Coach, but then I think most people that buy Coach do realize that it's not the same thing as buying a truly exclusive item.
  6. nah, real coach is real coach no matter where it comes from...

    I'm just kinda bummed that the selection doesnt seem that great and the prices are still a little high.. lol, i know i cant get everything i want but since its going to a store like TJ Maxx you would think that the prices would be a lot better...

  7. This is definitely true!! They also do get some current stock that fits within the right season.

    I think over time people have begun to shop more at places like TJ Maxx than full price dept stores. In fact, I was told this is the reason one of the Lord and Taylor dept stores that I used to shop at occasionally was closed... because they simply cannot compete with growing chains like Maxx. They have responded overall as a chain by adding more and more sales... and again, that's pretty much when I buy there!

    The thing is, sometimes you can't have your cake and eat it too. You may want to retain or achieve a high image and "exclusivity" at a high price, but you have to adjust and make the sales... The stores have to do what they have to do to stay in business, but ultimately, I think it all falls back to price. I think a lot of Coach prices are out of line. Even at the factory stores, there is a certain price range the items sell well at. I was told this is the key reason they sometimes shift their high priced retail stock that they get in around to other areas that are more likely to sell it. Last time I was at Reading, I was looking for two bags that I know were there previously, and I was told they did not sell, but were shifted for this reason. I never thought about it before, but it makes's even hard for them to sell some of their expensive retail bags at some of the outlets. They don't destroy their bags like some manufacturers do, so they have no choice but to shift and sell. Personally, I think they would be better off to stop the price elevation, because then perhaps they would not have to do this as often and more people would buy at retail. Also in time of recession, luxury spending is the first thing to go (the definition of luxury of course varies from person to person!). But as I say this, I also realize that things usually balance out...and at the moment they are profitable. Long term..we'll see!
  8. I have to admit - I bought my first COACH ever like 6 or 7 years ago at TJ Maxx. I found it stuck in a rack of handbags at a TJ Maxx and have been hooked ever since. I love knowing I got a deal and no one else ever has to know what I actually paid. I always let others assume I spent more. Normally I only find the bags that weren't very popular from past seasons - but once in a while I'll luck out and find one that I have been wanting. I also check out the clearances at Macy's, Dillard's etc. I won't pay full retail for a COACH - ever.
  9. I just wish there was a TJ Maxx for me to drool at! lol~~~ I guess I can say that I'm not bothered by it other than not being able to shop at TJ's or an outlet.... all we have up here is a full priced retail store and a Nordie's/Nordie's discount rack. I buy Coach b/c of quality and low prices--- :yes:
  10. Well I truly love Coach, but really wouldn’t pay full price for that exact reason, why pay full price when I know I can get Coach products in outlets, on E bay, using a PCE, and now at TJ Maxx. I don’t think it would lose its luxurious feeling of Coach. I am really glad Coach products are in the retail hand me down stores, as my DH would say, because people who are on a budget, but still love the quality and the luxurious feeling can still afford them.
  11. It doesn't bother me, I just wish I would have known about the "event". I am on the TJMaxx email list but I didn't know about it until it was over. Oh well. I think Coach has lost the "exclusivity" long ago, which is why I laugh at the bags that come out priced for seven or eight hundred dollars. How many of those do get sold at a discount-either through PCE/outlets, etc.
  12. I don't really mind that TJ Maxx has Coach items, but I will admit that I am a bit bummed out that they have that Hamptons Carryall available. I love that bag and took great pride in knowing that it was so limited (I never have anything limited!) and now people are finding it at a bargain store. :Push:
  13. No. I'm not bothered that it's at TJMaxx at all. However, the creed has the big X stamped on it at TJ Maxx and I'm unsure if Coach repairs these bags. They probably do.
  14. As long as I'm getting a good price, I really don't care either where it came from. The only thing that bothers me is the fact that these bags are showing up so quickly at the outlets. It almost doesn't make any sense for anyone to pay full price at the boutique! They should just discount them at the boutique and do away with the outlets in my humble opinion. TJ's should get the much older stuff IMO.
  15. Well, the fact that Coach is at TJMaxx is nothing new. I have been seeing Coach bags at my local TJ's for years and years. Every now and then you will find something good, but they usually dont have anything great.