How do you feel about Chloe boots?

  1. I am been searching for the perfect pair of brown boots and found these at 50% off but have not decided if i should get them or not. I have never worn Chloe shoes or boots before. Just curious how every feels about Chloe shoes in general. Are they comfortable? I guess for the price of $ 555.00 i can't go wrong, right? Thanks:smile:
  2. I just ordered some from the BG sale. I hope they fit!! I got the C-buckle boots, which are just like those but have a buckle on the bottom, too. I have searching for the perfect pair of brown boots and feel these may be it.
  3. Chloe shoes are fairly comfortable. I like their heels and the arch because it feels very supportive to me compared to a lot of other brands. I wonder if it's because the heel is clunky. Nonetheless, it is one of the few brands where I would be comfortable with a 4" or more heel because of how well balanced the shoes tend to be.
  4. i actually like the heel on this. i do not think its taller than a 3inch. the leather seems so buttery soft too.
  5. Is this baby to go with your new khaki cabas?!?! :nuts: :nuts: I think she'd be perfect!!!!

    EDIT: Chloe leather is awesome and buttery.... delicious....

  6. Thanks!!! Actually i have been looking at these boot since before my Cabas found me, but now that you mention it....they do go well:yes: . I think i will go try them on and see. Who knows, maybe the boots will follow me home
  7. Hi, I have two pairs of Chloe boots. I have a pair with, I think 4 inch heels and a pair of lower riding boots. Both are very, very comfy. The leather on the boots are amazing! Like the bags.
    In all shoes I wear either an 8 1/2 or 9. Both of my Chloes are 9s. The higher heel is snugger while the riding boots are a lil looser. I could have mabe even gone a half size smaller (if I were in a pinch) in the riding boots but, definately needed a nine in the heels.
    I really like them. I think you will to.:yes:

    I love the ones you are looking at! I love Chloe boots as much as the bags! :yahoo:
  8. I believe that Chloe has some of the most comfortable shoe around!
  9. I have been trying to find some Chloe boots, I think they look wonderful!
  10. I love the look. Unfortunately for my heart, fortunate for my bank account; I haven't been able to catch my size on sale. :nuts:

  11. Oooh! I think they'll go great! I hope they do follow you home. I can't wait to see picts!!! :graucho:
  12. I have two pair of Chloe boots and they both are very comfortable even with how high the heels are. They have the most amazing leather.

    I always go up a size in boots.
  13. Yep agree with everybody that the boots are really comfortable, however, be aware of the length of the boots! Mine were far too long for me and I had to have the cobbler cut the top off of my latest ones, which was fine because they were plain, but could have been disastrous if they were the buckle ones. Like many designers, they cut them as if we all have legs as long as a racehorse lol!!!!