How do you feel about buying beauty products on internet ?

  1. I mean not on the "official brand website" but on some other general websites , the ones with discounts and the ones with regular prices.
    I guess it might more common in US, I am asking bc I live in EU (Denmark) where everything is overly expensive, and have been thinking buying brands like Dermalogica which are way cheaper in the UK, but i am wondering about the quality of the products ???
    If for instance, they don´t stock the products in right conditions, etc....
    I have tried strawberrynet, but had to pay for customs, and 1 of the products smelled a bit funny -don´t know if it was supposed to be though-
    What are your experiences ?
  2. I've bought some Clinique and Dermalogica items on eBay. Worked very well, and saved me a tonne of money. So I've had only good experiences.

    Was looking at Strawberrynet the other day as well. Do you have to pay a lot for customs?
  3. I tend not to buy any new products online. Only those tried and true. I'm scared I won't like the colours/shades and such. And I don't live within the USA, so I don't want to go thru the hassle of returning with the horrid postal service we have here in Mexico.
  4. I buy 99% of my beauty products at Sephora and I have to do it online because they don't have a location in Maine yet...I've also purchased quite a bit from and some cosmetics (new only) from eBay. I've never had a problem with the quality and have had easy returns with Sephora and
  5. I used to buy a lot of stuff from, but I got a bottle of perfume one time that smelled like a bottle of rubbing alcohol. I also got some body scrub from them that arrived all melted in one big lump. I stopped buying online beauty products about 6 months ago. The hassle of returning is just not worth it.
  6. I always think it's incredibly sketchy.
    I'm somebody who doesn't like buying things over the internet in general. I want to know EXACTLY what I'm getting. Even with all the guarantees and reassuring words from the buyer, it still means nothing to me because nothing can be 100% certain over the internet. You sometimes are an ocean apart from the product, yet your money is already taken. That makes me feel uneasy. If I HAD to buy something cheap over the internet, that's not a problem. But if we are talking about spending $200+ for something like a bag, forget about it.
  7. I would recommend eBay. Its pretty solid and while there are some dodgy people, there are some great power sellers that just deal with cosmetics.

    I wouldnt really buy a cosmetic off Ebay unless:
    1. It is brand new and sealed (yes, makeup has used by dates!)
    2. Its a brand that I am familiar with (maybelline, covergirl, etc)
    3. The photo of the product is clear and accurate.

    ...and perhaps something I have bought/tried before.

    I recently bought a maybelline mousse blush off Ebay. It was fresh and sealed and I knew the shade would suit me because I had tried a tester of it in a department store beforehand. I got it for half the amount I would have purchased it in the stores! :nuts:
  8. ^^^ These are good tips.

    I only buy products that I know and have tried or used before.
  9. I haven't had any problems buying products from or Strawberrynet. I think so long as you order from a reputable site they will stand behind their products if something is wrong.
  10. I don't have a problem with it but then I sell salon products online so I'm biased.
  11. I haven't had a problem, but I usually buy products that I am already using and just need refills. skinstore is a reputable site that has a lot of the products you find in dermatologits' offices and high end stores.