How do you feel about black patent leather bags?

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  1. Very hard to take care of.
  2. I like them now but I am afraid that it will be really dated soon as its quite popular now. I think it will work however with bags that are usually made in regular leather, like slouchy style bags rather than really structured ones.
  3. Check out Chanel's forum for pictures of members' patent leather bags.
  4. I owned one patent leather in the 60's!!!!!! (I'm dating myself), and all I can think of is fingerprints, fingerprints, fingerprints......clean, clean, clean, fingerprints, fingerprints.............
  5. I like them in classic styles (i.e. Chanel). I don't think I would wear mine daily but would love to have one for evenings, etc.
  6. Thanks everyone, I was thinking of chanel, but didn't want to spend that kind of money on a bag that might look dated soon.
  7. Love it! Patent has been around for ages. Currently it is on the up swing for the masses,trend wise. I am feening on the Fendi b-bag in black patent. I plan to carry it in 007 and in 2027;)
  8. I never really liked patent leather bags until I saw the Jimmy Choo Riki bag in patent leather. It is absolutely gorgeous! I actually just got mine yesterday in bordeaux. It actually looks wet! I'll post pics later in the week when DH comes home with the camera.
  9. Kat, I'm glad that you finally found it. Patent Riki in Bordeaux is so gorgeous in real life, I love it. Congrats! =)
  10. Bit on the too trendy side right now...