How do you feel about black patent leather bags?

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  1. Do you think they're too trendy? tacky? too formal? Any opinions?
  2. I like them.
  3. I really like them and have been wanting one for this winter. I'm just afraid that they'll be out next winter and that it would be sitting on a shelf for the next few years.
  4. I don't really care for them.:shrugs:
  5. i like them...
  6. Its very hard to maintain a patent leather bag....grrrr.
  7. I think it depends on the bag and the design. Fendi have a lovely patent leather B. Bag.
  8. I like them, i just feel right now they are trendy.
  9. They're really too dressy for me. I live in Florida and things are alot more casual down here. I did pick up an unusually shaped vintage black patent bag with bakelite handles that's kinda neat. Sadly, I have only used it twice. So I doubt that I will be buying another black patent bag.
  10. Love, love, love them as long as they are in the right shape and design and I remember the seasonal effect - my latest patent purchase has led complete strangers to ask me about my bag - which in reserved England is quite a thing! I do realise though that come the first sign of blossom and warm weather, black patent is going to look daft!
  11. I love them.
  12. I think they're a bit flashy for daytime, plus very trendy- next season I think they will look dated.
  13. I agree. I think that it might look good now, but it's too trendy. I don't really like shiny bags either. I think that even if it's real leather, it just takes away from the sophistication of it. But that's just my opinion....:popcorn:
  14. Love them and own a vintage one.
  15. I think they are very stylish and pretty but in my mind I can instantly conjure up the image of my Mom going out to dinner one day in the 60's and she had the black patent leather high heels and purse to match. She wore them for a decade at least. So to me, they will always be really dated.