How do you feel about bags made for the factory?

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  1. I have one friend who won't buy a bag made for the factory (i.e. a bag that wasn't released in the FP store) b/c she says the quality isn't the same.

    I personally gravitate toward the purses that were originally released in the FP store but I think it may have more to do with me eying them in the FP store, than being so excited to get them at the outlet price. And in some cases, I do think the quality is better on the FP lines (e.g. the Legacy made for FP feels nicer than the factory legacy version). I do own 2 factory made bags (totes) that I enjoy but far and away, the bulk of my collection is FP bags.

    What about you- do you notice a difference in quality? Do you check out the item number to see if a bag was made for the factory and then walk away? Or do you just buy whatever bag you like the look of, regardless of it's origin?
  2. If it was a bag I loved to pieces and couldn't live without (just as the FP bags) I'd buy it.

    I don't go to the outlet often though - usually only when I hear a bag I've been stalking might make an appearance there - so I don't see *all* the MFF bags that have been through there.

    I do have some MFF large wristlets that I loved so much I went back and bought 4 more for holiday gifts later in the year since the price was really good.
  3. I have seen an improvement in MFF bags with the new Soho line.

    MFF Gallery totes:
    I want a gallery tote but undecided about MFF.
    Signature bags are too busy for me. I guess it is optic style.
    Patent leather or leather is ok but just not sure (compared to FP)
    Like the coach script hangtag
    Like the bottom has some leather and feet

    MFF Soho line:
    So many great different styles to pick from. (Hobo, flap, totes, satchels...)
    Tan leather is so soft and buttery
    Scarf design is pretty
  4. Most of the time the style of MFF bags does not appeal to me as much as FP - so I end up with FP. I have a few MFF and I think the quality is comparable with the same type FP item.

    I will also admit that I am a shopper and love to get a steal. So there probably is some appeal for me of finding a FP bag at the outlet.

    I'm sure that MFF items have the occasional quality issue. But then again so do FP item. I think that all that really matters is that people get a bag they like for a price appropriate for them.
  5. I agree with your friend!
    But, as mentioned, there has been an improvement, notably in the gallery totes.
  6. For the most part I find MFF bags to be on the boring side. Although I got a chance to check out the new MFF Soho line yesterday, and I actually like it. The only difference in quality that I have noticed with MFF bags that are versions of FP bags, is the quality of materials isn't as thick. Otherwise the workmanship is the same.
  7. It doesn't really matter to me whether a bag is an MFF or not, as long as I like it. I have two MFF Legacy Bags - whiskey and black. I bought them because I liked the style. Initially, the leather was not soft and squishy, but have found that over time, it has acquired a nice soft feel to it.
  8. I have been shopping at factory stores for years. I have to say the selection has greatly improved. There was a time you would only find black, brown, plain leather bags and that's it. I tend to like more unusual bags color, style and texture wise. Factory stores have that now so I buy more than I used to but I think most of my stuff is FP.

    I agree that the Soho tan leather is great. Also, I agree that patent isn't always the greatest.

    That being said, Coach stands by all of their products, MFF and FP. I bought a beautiful white floral bag years ago for $40 at the outlet. The strap broke and I sent it in to be repaired. They would not repair it but offered at 40% off coupon. I loved the bag but I knew white and me don't mix so I took the coupon and managed to buy a $500 work bag. So MFF or FP, I feel I can shop with confidence.
  9. My first and for a long time coach bag was a MFF Hamptons Weekend bag multi function in black nylon w/ turquoise interior. It was great, and now my friend who I gave it to uses it as a baby bag. For a 2004 bag, it's still kickn' and who cares if it's MFF? :smile:
  10. I think it really depends on the bag. I LOVE my MFF Turnlock Tote and I don't think the quality is any less than FP.
  11. I usually shop the factory to find FP deals, but don't have a problem with MFF. If I see a bag I like at a price I want to pay I don't let the FP/MFF distinction deter me. I often buy MFF items as gifts for those who aren't familiar with Coach. I think they are a great introduction to the brand.
  12. I don't like the MFF bags. This is not because I have an issue with the fact that they are MFF. I have only been to the outlet a few times, and looking around I was surprised by how ugly most of the bags were and didn't recognize them for the boutiques or It was only recently that I learned there was such a thing as MFF bags. So guess that's what those are and I don't like them.

    But in all fairness, I don't actually like most of the boutique bags either. I LOVE the one's I like... but I don't like most.
  13. I have somo lovely and older MFF bags that you can not tell where it ws made, It is a great bag... But I found that most of the MFF just do not look the same.

    When go to the Outlet in the lates year I can Id the MFF and the FP Store bags. Even if I do not know the bags... I know that I just purchase the FP purses at the Outlet and I just pass the MFF by...
  14. I'm not a huge fan of MFF; I tend to lean towards boutique styles, but I don't think there is anything wrong with MFF. If I found a MFF bag I loved, I'd get it. I agree though--the materials don't seem to be the same quality as FP bags. I do love MFF accessories though!! scarves, fobs, cosmetic cases, etc.
  15. I'm not a fan really of MFF either. Most the of the styles are very plain. I do like the gallery totes. I was checking out the new Soho bags yesterday and I really liked the new orange colored satchel until I touched it. Leather seemed stiff and hard. What a downer as I wanted a bag in that color.