How do you feel about an LV inspired looking bag?

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  1. It's not a damier or monogram and I got it at a forever 21 like store for $45. I couldn't pass it up! It's what I can afford without going broke. I saw this and died, I had to have it!!
    image-3623575668.jpg image-691972840.jpg
  2. go for it! not fake, not a problem
  3. Nope, its not :smile:
  4. It looks cute!
  5. +1
  6. It obviously is a Sophia Coppola Speedy inspired bag. I think it's a little more imitation than inspiration so for me I wouldn't carry it but if you are into it then thats your prerogative.
  7. Wow - it must have been divine inspiration because it looks like a dead ringer for the SC PM.

    It looks GREAT on you. Good for you, it's a super find and super deal.
  8. It looks really nice so enjoy it.
  9. As long as it does not have the LV name, then its good. Love the bag btw
  10. IMO, just go for it ! Need not care too much what other people thinks. Now when we buy a cardigan or Peter pan collar shirt, will you or ask everyone to check the branded store to see if is an imitation? No.

    The question goes to
    1) How is it to buy everything that look nice without any inspiration at all ?
    2) and how to check every designer brand before buying as well ?
    3) even designers copy designers as well, just the high regard one suck more money than the cheaper one. Aren't we just money making machines to them ?

    Even a simple solitaire can be said as "inspiration of Tiffany" solitaire setting. People pay lv for looks, quality, durability, shopping experience, after sale services and also repair maintenance that sort of things. also, as long as it doesn't write Louis Vuitton with a fake date code, that it fine to me ! :biggrin: please enjoy your gorgeous red bag ^,^
  11. Nice~! :smile:
  12. I think its a gorgeous bag, carry it and enjoy it.
  13. Not a fake...not a problem.
  14. Nice bag! There are only so many possibilities (size, shape, etc.) so everything is going to look like something else. If it isn't claiming to be anything other than what it is, I'd have no problem with it.
  15. This is a far cry from those horrible fakes! It might be LV 'inspired' but so much high street fashion is very strongly inspired (i.e. often a dead ringer) by the big fashion houses. I think it's a nice bag, and see no problem with carrying it!