How do you explain the "H" buckle?

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  1. Friday at work one of the teachers noticed by "H" belt buckle (hammered paladium?" and wanted to know why since my name did not begin with H. I changed the subject, but really, how do you answer the question? It was difficult enough trying to explain Tohu Bohu......:shrugs:They totally would not get that it was the first letter of the name of the company that made it.
  2. Ha ha, I don't explain and if they really want one I tell friends it's a gift from my Mom or a Good Friend (:rolleyes:shhhh...ME!)

    I sometime make things up like, it's from a "Happy Place". I call Hermes store, My happy PLACE!!
  3. I like the "happy place" reference!
  4. happy place, that's nice! :yes: Luckily, my name starts with H so most people think it's just my initial (I don't have a belt but I have a Jige). ;)
  5. I also work at a school and have quite a few H items with H on it: Evelyne, H Buckle, Clic Clac. One teacher knew what the H was and yelled, "Oh my God, is that an Air-Mehz?" One day the school Counselor asked me what my H Buckle stood for and I told him, "Happy!"
  6. mine is stand for horny, I'm unsure if a lady should say that :P:P:P
  7. Just tell her it was a gift and you have no idea - probably a fake or something.
  8. Oh pshaw! I say that all the time lately. *sigh*

    When someone asks about mine, I just tell them Why hide it?
  9. ^^^If I said it was "Air-mez" they still would have asked what the H was for and if I said Her-mees, they still would have no clue what I was talking about. Which is a good thing as my coworkers go online and find out how much my LV bags cost.
  10. As others have mentioned, I usually just tell them it was a gift and I don't really know too much about how much it is / why its an H, etc, which is technically true, because it was a gift to myself and I never look at my cc statement for fear of passing out.
  11. OMGosh! Sometimes I do that but only because I am wanting to know for ME - in case I want to buy one myself...sounds like they're just being catty.

    I find myself explaining "air-mez" all the time. I just get blank looks. LOL!
  12. ^^Yes, catty is exactly it. Now when I wear a new H bag they ask me what brand and I just say it's a no-name leather bag. Gotta love H!!!
  13. My last name starts with H so I never think twice about it. Hm, no one ever asked me about my Gucci belt that had a big silver G on it. I just think to myself, what's the big deal. Its a belt.
  14. Just say it's a symmetrical shape and you don't know whether it's supposed to mean anything.
  15. I tell if anyone asks it stands for 'Homo', it usually gets a laugh!!!