How do you expect your bags to arrive? Packaging question...

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  1. I bought a Small Buckle satchel from John Lewis online. I collected it yesterday from my local Waitrose and was really disappointed in the way it was packaged. The exterior John Lewis box was battered, the tape was bunched up and dirty and the box itself was dirty had a deep tear in it. I buy a lot from John Lewis and normally their boxes are pristine. Once I got it home I was totally unimpressed by the 'reveal' experience... the bag itself is OK and was in its dustbag. The dustbag was in a bog standard plastic bag and rolling around in the bottom of the box were two door handles I'd also ordered. I felt really deflated by this experience. Is this the norm?

    The only other times I've bought online have been with Mulberry direct and the goods were in a nice box inside a Mulberry carrier. Am I right in feeling its really not on to send a bag costing the best part of £900 in this way... or am I being unreasonable in my expectations?
  2. I have bought from John Lewis, and one does not receive the full-on Mulberry packaging (i.e. paper carrier, etc). I wouldn't expect this from an external seller. But I would be disappointed about the state of the damaged box in which it was packaged, and would probably complain.

    But how is the satchel??? Is it lovely?
  3. I'm not surprised as it didn't come directly from mulberry. Also it's sale time at John Lewis which doesn't help. I received a mini lily this week from , it arrived in an external box with mulberry Carrier bag inside and mini lily tucked up inside a mulberry box with tissue paper. You pay £8.00 Post and packing though which I think is a bit steep considering the cost of the goods but it is lovely to open.
  4. Hi, thanks for your reply.

    Sadly the Small Satchel will be going back today. I really like the bag and was debating whether to keep it or not all night (kept awake by my dog barking at thunder!). The leather is beautiful and the style of the bag is great - I love the simplicity of it and the fact its suede lined is a bonus. The downside for me is that there are two shoulder straps - one which is cross body with a buckle. The cross body strap could have done with being a couple of inches longer but, for me that isn't the deal breaker. The thing I didn't like was the shorter shoulder strap. Its not removeable, so when you wear it using the longer strap the shorter one is still on the bag. The shorter strap is also very wide so its very obviously hanging there which, in my opinion, makes the bag look 'cluttered'. If the shorter shoulder strap was detachable I would have kept the bag.

    I think Mulberry would have been better off with the strap configuration on the Alexa (one hand held the other cross body/shoulder) I'm not convinced anyone would need two shoulder straps. Its a shame because this is the first time for ages I've seen a Mulberry bag which excites me.
  5. That's really interesting feedback. I hadn't quite appreciated how long the strap attached to the top of the flap was (and had imagined it to be more like the Alexa). One to definitely try in shop, if possible!

    On the plus side, returning to JL couldn't be easier :smile:
  6. Sorry to hear you have decided not to keep her either. She's a great look satchel but it's got to work for you. Something else will come along
  7. Yes, I'm sorry to be sending her back. The rings attaching the wide, shorter, strap have screws in them so it would be possible to remove the strap but I'd worry about damaging the screws/metal with repeated attaching/detaching.
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  8. Hmmm had no idea the shorter handle didnt come off i agree it would look wrong with that one still on when using the one i dont like the sbs for that very reason..such a shame