how do you establish relationships with SA's?

  1. i have been buying LV items for a little over 7 years now but i dont have a "regular" SA. i used to live in san francisco and most of the time i go to the LV boutique on Union square. then i moved to vegas and most of the stuff that i bought this year came from the fashion show mall boutique. everytime i go in to get something, i deal with a different sa mainly because the sa that helped me during my previous visit is not there. since im not working, i just go there whenever i feel like going. it can be any day of the week, any time of the day. also, if i find someone thats really nice, do i hold off on my purchase if he/she is not available at that time? thanks in advance for your replies.
  2. I think theres a few other threads on this...try searching for them.
    Hope you get your answer!
  3. Hi, I used to be exactly the same. Because I used to have alot of time off, I used to go anytime and the sa who helped me last time wasnt there. All the SA's who helped me were ususally nice. But I used this SA once and it was on a wednesday and she was lovely, very nice and couldnt do enough to help me, we chatted etc. So next time I went in LV was a Sunday and I also noticed she worked then, she came over and greeted me, even though I didnt buy. So I think its just deciding which SA is for you, if you feel someone is going out of their way to help you then buy from them, and also try to go in on days when you see them in the boutique. Dont do alot of work on this, mostly it should just happen, the relationship shouldnt just be down to you, I have dealt with some mean SA's but at the most nice, but my SA is amazing and thats what yours should be. Good luck :flowers:
  4. Am like you lv_shopaholic,i shop in 2 lv stores and everytime i go,i don't find the sa that i bought from last time.I buy from whoever i get.So you're not alone.
  5. There are 4 LV stores here in my area 2 free standing and 2 within Dept. Stores. In each of them, I have selected my favorite SA and each time I go there for myself or with friends, I make sure that they are there as well. I do have one particular favorite SA from all four and it is to her that I request to be put on a waitlist, or ask about a particular new item etc...
  6. What I did to develop a good relationship with my sa is everything I bought was through her. If I knew I was going to make a purchase, I would call the store ahead of time to maybe see if she was going to be there when I was. There are so many perks to having 1 good SA. My SA calls me and sets things aside that I may like when new items comes in. She also calls me to keep me up to date about items or when they are having events. IMO, having one good SA is necessary. Hope this made sense... (kind of early for me lol)
  7. I did that until I found someone I really liked. Now, I call ahead and make sure she is there. It really is worth your while to try and get to know 1 or 2 reps. Once you do, they help 'fight' for you on wait list. Call you when new stuff is released, and often let you look at the confidential photos, before the look book comes out.
  8. I have two at the same store that I really like. I began a relationship with them by asking them for their business card after the first time they helped me. On subsequent visits I would wait for them to be free and then make my purcahse through them. If I wanted to get something I would call the Boutique ahead of time, ask for them, then ask them to put the item on hold and when they would be working. Now that I have good realtionships with them I go in just to stop by and chat with them and the other SAs know that I work with the two so when they see me in they'll tell me whether they are working or where they are in the boutique, if they're at lunch, etc.
  9. thanks everyone for your "tips":smile:.... and now im off to the boutique again... i swear it has become an addiction... really.... thanks again.
  10. ITA! This makes perfect sense. :yes: I used to just deal with whoever was in the boutique at the time I went in but now there is someone in particular I prefer to buy from.
  11. My SA is wonderful! I met her in the LV in Soho, New York when i bought my first LV. I had such a great connection with her and she wasn't fake nice like the rest. However, she moved to the 5th Ave LV and I actually followed her there! Even though I live closer to the soho store, I never buy from another LV, only the one on 5th Ave. I think you should just go to one LV for a while and just talk to whoever is willing to talk to you even though they know you're not going to purchase something. Those are the ones you should keep!
  12. i don't think i have a regular SA at the LV boutique eitehr cause everytime i go tehre if someone different helping me and they are ALL so nice to me! but i don't exactly rememeber them. i know that at the LV in holt renfrew there is a SA there that remembers me everytime and remembers what bag i was carrying and what bag i bought last time and even remembers when i choose a dior bag over an LV bag, but i don't think he was as nice as the SA's at the boutique even though he remebers me and stuff, is he the SA for me?
  13. you should stick with an SA that you feel comfortable purchasing with. i met my SA through my mom's cousin's wife (who used to work at LV). so right off the bat we knew that she was very good at her job and very reliable. she knows what bags i have in my collection and gives me honest advice when i'm thinking about purchasing things. its also great to stick to one SA because they'll be your representative on the waiting list for new or LE items. every once in a while i'll give my SA a small gift as a sign of my appreciation for her excellent service.
  14. now i try my best to only buy from the same sa in oahu although i live in sf.
    but when i get really impatient, i don't give a darn!
    i think it does help though when dealing with the same sa because my sa put my name on the wait list even if i didn't ask. i thought that was really sweet!
  15. i stick with the only SA from the very 1st moment. lucky me, she was new. after a while i became her 1st VIP. even when she was transferred to a new branch last week, she had me introduced to another SA(which is very much new as well..). and i am planning to do same thing with her as in purchasing everything under her and everytime i call, ill make sure i only talk to her. =)