How do you enjoy your coffee or tea?

  1. I was at Starbucks the other day, waiting in line....
    And this gentleman right before me was ordering his drink which took literally a whole minute.....

    "Half skim milk, half Canadian Soy, two shots of espresso..and on and on..."

    And I thought that was very interesting and started wondering how other people enjoy there drinks....

    I am a coffee lover (just regular drip coffee) and I drink mine just w/ half and half and sugar.....(must be half and milk...)

    Occasionally black..

    :confused1: How about you guys? :smile:
  2. Half & half, no sugar
  3. Cappuccino, skim milk, turbinado sugar, dash of cinnamon.
  4. I hate coffee tbh :/ tried it over a year ago and I just couldn't take it.
    But I'm a tea lover..
    I usually order either Ice Tea without lemon (and it has to be the not canned type..freshly made only) , or Hot tea (with mint preferably).
  5. I don't drink it - nor tea. I drink coffee maybe five times a year, usually in a business situation where there is nothing else around and I need to stay alert. When I do, I like a lot of cream/milk, as full-fat as possible (cream would be my preference, followed by half-and-half and then whole milk- anything below that is not worth drinking in my coffee IMO) and two packets of sugar.
  6. I like mine strong, hot, dark and bitter, like my men..:yahoo:
    Sorry, I could not resist..
  7. Black, but sometimes I'll drop in a packet of Equal.
  8. at home: I buy freshly roasted beans (less than a fortnight old). I only grind just before I make a cup. I normnally have espresso or latte but once In a while I have drip filtered.

    Nowadays I can't even drink starbucks coffees - I only have it when I really need a buzz. normally I just order chai tea as it's harder to mess up, lol!
  9. I go to Starbucks but regular coffee works just as good for me. When I do to Starbucks I get very specific. Else it's just milk/cream (not much) and sugar.
  10. Tea-straight up! no sugar, no lemon no milk. Prefer teas with flaving like peach-apricot, mango-peach, ginger-peach, mango (notice a theme?)

    As for coffee, french pressed rules with half-half and brown sugar or sugar in the raw.
  11. I have my coffee with soy (or skim, if soy milk isn't available) and sweet and low, or sugar free vanilla syrup, depending on what's available. Sometimes I'll cheat and have a mocha :P.

    I drink my tea plain, usually, unless I make it at home and then it's either indian masala tea or boiled tea with milk and s&l.
  12. At home: I only drink Seattle's Best coffee in Javanilla with fat free vanilla coffeemate liquid creamer & 1 equal.

    At Starbucks: My usual is a non fat White Chocolate Mocha w/ no whip cream & a dash of vanilla.

    Tea: Love good old fashioned iced tea sweetened w/ sugar. Hot tea, I stick with Green or Red teas (great antioxidents!)
  13. my aunt owns a small donut shop, and they sell farmer's brothers coffee there... it's actually pretty good, and i usually drink it black. sometimes, i'll add half and half. i'm not a big coffee drinker, maybe once or twice a week. i usually drink milk, water, or tea most of the time.
  14. Either a double espresso or just strong black coffee, no milk, no sugar but must come with a cigarette :shame:
  15. Not a coffee drinker but love my fav is genmai cha brown rice tea!