How Do You Economize?

Probably the real answer to this question for me is: "not very well!" But here goes:

-I try really hard to save money on food by eating in, cooking lots, and shopping at the Farmer's Market for in-season produce (cheaper!).

-I'm lucky to have a parent who is an antique dealer, so most of my furniture and decorative items are just things my dad has very generously let me take out of inventory. Jewelry too - I hardly ever buy jewelry, just wear vintage (mostly deco) stuff.

-The bf is actually my greatest incentive to budget, because I know if I spend all of my money that we can't go out on the weekends (we're both students so we split costs). He's a terrific reason to pass on clothes and <gasp> purses every once and awhile.
Jan 10, 2006
My New Year resolution has been to not spend money here and there on random things. Those little sale/bargain things like a $5.99 t-shirt at the Gap can really add up quickly. So now I really plan out clothing purchases--or just don't go looking. I've realized that I don't really NEED any new clothes. And I've stopped looking in the shoe department :P

I always clip coupons and go to a grocery store that doubles them. I don't get coffee out unless it's to visit with friends and I try to get something that's not a $5/cup. I just get my regular free coffee at work. I've also stopped ordering soda with my meals, which is healthy and a moneysaver. I never thought about how some places charge $3.50 for a coke!

Basically, the little things seem to add up and prevent excess spending for me.
Jan 25, 2006
I economize on food, that's the good thing about having a bf who owns a restaurant...i just stop by and get the chefs to make me something. its really hard for me to save for a bag, b/c i'm such a shopoholic, my money is usually long spent before i am even close to a bag. so either i have the money or my bf just gives into my *hints* and buys soemthing for me...hehe


Ladybug Lucy
Feb 13, 2006
I wear mid-priced clothes and shoes. Shop at walmart for food. No manicures (as a nurse nice manicures don't hold up to freq. handwashing) or pedicures (do myself), make a ton of donations to goodwill (tax deduction), no impulse buying (stick to my list), read daily newspaper/mags online, no credit card debt. As far as savings go, I've had a 401K for a few years now and am thinking of starting an ING account.


Nov 2, 2005
I keep up with whats new in Marshall's and Loehmann's - I keep my shoe budget reasonable or I buy shoes on sale. I try to avoid impulse spending. I don't drive a fancy car and my overhead is very reasonable for Miami.
Mar 8, 2006
When I used to live in Dallas, I would shop at Salvation Army all the wouldn't believe the amazing stuff you can get there. Neimans donated frequently and lots of times things that were from the runway shows that were not in the store yet. I got my first Chanel bag there (Neimans donation) with the price tag still on ($1600) for $400. Cashmere sweaters, designer shoes, the list goes on and on......I would also buy my kids clothes there, and found some really great things! I don't have that option anymore, but it sure was fun while it lasted!!!!!


Jan 29, 2006
I don't do manicures or pedicures. Plus I hate them!

I don't buy expensive makeup or skin care... luckily my mom is ultra nice and she's always picking up a little something for me. I wear such little makeup anyway it doesn't matter.

I don't eat out constantly by myself... with a group I'll splurge on anything, but I used to have a roommate who was $5,000 in credit card debt JUST FOR FOOD. She would order $30 worth of sushi and eat it alone in her room (P.S. Sushi is supposed to be a social food!), or else she would cook these elaborate, huge feasts for just one meal... I can't imagine going into debt for food while simultaneously complaining about getting fat?? Sorry, roommate rant there, forgive me!

I steal toilet paper from my parents' house.

I don't buy drinks when I do takeout. I mean, I can buy a 12 pack of Diet Coke for $3.99, why pay $1.89 for just 12 ounces at Taco Bell, right?

I sell bags I don't use on Ebay. I never have a huge collection, things are always moving in and out.

I buy my text books used. Plus, ultra useful to have somebody else's highlighting, makes the professor think you care a whole lot more than you probably do.


Perhaps, Love?
Feb 25, 2006
clanalois said:
Certificates of Deposits, mutual funds. Looking into stocks but I like how CDs force you not to spend the money. :smile: I've got a Birkin CD right now, lol.

Andrea you are too funny! You make me proud as a junior financial consultant :smile:

A percentage of my paycheck is automatically transfered every month to a high yield account as my vanity fund. :amuse:


Have a nice day!
Jan 14, 2006
I don't eat out very often. Maybe, once or twice a month. Also, I am a reader. I check books and movies out at the library versus buying them. Saves me tons. Proportionally, I spend alot more on bags and shoes than the rest of my wardrobe. So, I count that as saving in one area so that I can splurge in another.

I love the Birkin CD idea!


Oct 23, 2005
IntlSet said:
I steal toilet paper from my parents' house.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I used to do this while I was in school. I'd go home to visit and come home with tons of TP, paper towels and napkins that my mom would give me after going to BJ's Wholesale and buying them in bulk. I've been cut off since graduation :P


Jan 29, 2006
Cristina said:
:lol: :lol: :lol:

I used to do this while I was in school. I'd go home to visit and come home with tons of TP, paper towels and napkins that my mom would give me after going to BJ's Wholesale and buying them in bulk. I've been cut off since graduation :P

Toilet paper is pricey!!!