How Do You Economize?

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  1. How do you save to pay for the lovely bags and shoes and jeans?

    To "make-up" for my pleasures I (1)have my hair cut at SuperCuts. I wear it simply, all one layer, and don't do any color. I think you get the best hair cut if you can communicate exactly what you want and leave nothing to chance (2) have never had a manicure or a pedicure (3) never buy any processed foods -- try to make everything from scratch and lots of soups and salads.

    How about you?
  2. basically i use to live on ciggies but now, im just trying to justify everything i buy - do i really need that pair of shoes??? etc.... just budgeting is the way to go for me... :smile: i havent had a hair cut in months... i really should get cracking on to that... im starting to look like a hobo! :shame:
  3. Certificates of Deposits, mutual funds. Looking into stocks but I like how CDs force you not to spend the money. :smile: I've got a Birkin CD right now, lol.
  4. Yeah, I am really a cheapskate in ever other areas of my life. :P I shop at places like Aldi, Wal-Mart, and Sam's Club for groceries, toiletries, and household products. I go to dollar stores too. I always buy the cheapest toilet paper. I never could understand people who buy the more expensive premium toilet paper. Seems stupid to spend a lot on something you wipe yourself with and then flush. :wacko: My bed sheets are Martha Stewart sheets I got from K-Mart. A lot my furniture was bought on clearance. I clip coupons. I don't got to the salon. If I need a trim, my mom does it (and I do the same for her). I give myself manicures.
  5. That is a great idea!! Birkin CD:smile: Now why didn't I think of that?:love:
  6. The food issue was huge for us. We used to eat out 3 or 4 times a week. Agree on the no-processed-foods. Now I'm cooking much better meals and send hubby off with very healthy lunches every day. He always took blah sandwiches.

    We use loyalty cards when dining out once a week or so, and has had sales for 50% off a local place we like: it was $5. for $25. worth of food. Then there's the entertainment book.

    I ordered cheap ebay subscriptions for the nine zillion magazines I have to read- that right there is my major entertainment and a HUGE saving. Also use Barnes & Noble discount card. Target has 25% and 30% off new books. Great savings, small selection. We donate books to the library but I may try selling again on ebay to make room. I've paid too many late fees so don't borrow from library anymore.

    Everything I buy online goes through ******.com and I got a decent size rebate check after all my Christmas shopping. I check to see if there's any must haves on super sale.

    My clothes come from places like Old Navy and Target, as I lose weight I won't invest in the better brands.

    I sold bags on ebay to defray costs when I want a new bag but I've slacked off badly with that because I haven't wanted
    to part with anything.:worried:
    and ebay is just chock full of wackos:wacko: and a pain in the you-know!

    The pets eat super premium holistic food :blink: which costs more but we hoped it would keep them healthier.

    We both stopped smoking so I should be socking that $$ away we're not spending into the ING account.

    Sometimes I feel like I'm being penny wise and pound foolish when I buy a pricey new bag, but that feeling soon passes :lol:
  7. I don't really do anything out of the oridinary for bags/shoes etc. However, when I'm with friends trying to economize, food is always the area that has to suffer lol.
  8. I sell my other bags that I no longer use to get the ones I really want :shame:
  9. Same here. I also sell other stuff that I don't use anymore. I bring my lunch and snacks to work, don't buy expensive coffee drinks, color my hair at home with those all-in-the-box kits, alternate between manicures and pedicures every two weeks instead of getting both at the same time, shop for clothes and shoes on sale, the list goes on! :nuts:
  10. I HAVE to have my Cottonelle double rolls. Nothing else. :P

    I also will shop at Target (rarely Walmart) for all of our toiletries. Costco is a big plus for us as well.

    Anything that I buy online I buy at a discount of some sort.

    Every little bit helps. :smile:
  11. i consign my clothes and bags when i'm over them. i've also put myself on a budget. i bring my lunch to work, only get starbucks as a treat once in a while. carpool with my bf to work (share gas, tolls and parking).
  12. ING my paychecks and ramen noodles. I love Asian ramen noodles!!!
  13. I do just a little of ALL OF THE ABOVE.
  14. The one major place I would say I save is clothes. I tend not to care how much my clothes cost, because unless it's something I wear for just being lazy in the house or for weekend errends, I don't like to be seen in the same things more than a few times. So, I'd rather get a 10-20 dollar shirt I'm only going to wear twice than a 50-100 dollar shirt I know I'm going to wear twice.

  15. SAme here.