how do you dress your birkin

  1. I do not know if this has been done in the past but I struggle with the best looking yet most comfortable way to wear my birkins.

    leave the straps open?
    put the straps over the turn key?
    put the staps over the turn key with H lock on it? (flap tucked inside of course)
    Straps open with lock on turn key?
    Lock on clochette or on turn key?
    no clochette attached at all?

    Ladies and men let me know how you wear you bag, feel free to attach pics if you like

  2. My favourite look is having the straps open with the lock on the clochette. I think it's also the most accessible way to use a birkin...
  3. Worn open with straps loose; lock/cadena on the clochette. Sometimes I'll hook the straps on the turnkey if I need extra security.
  4. Straps open, no clochette or other adornment.
  5. Straps open and off the guides, flap in and keys and lock hanging from clochette wound around handles. OR remove lock if going for more discretion as the lock is so shiny it draws the eye particularly in the sunlight.
  6. I really don't have a preference. I guess it depends where I am. I love going through the whole "Closing" of the Birkin.
  7. I don't own one but I prefer the Open look
  8. I usually leave the straps open, and lock on clochette.
  9. Exactly The Same For Me:heart:
  10. Straps on the turn-key. Lock on the clochette around the handle.

    What do you do Fleur?
  11. Straps on the turnkey as well with the lock on the clochette dangling from the handle.
  12. or like this..........
  13. ^^ :roflmfao::roflmfao: S'Mom, how about 10 bucks if you carry your bag out like this one whole day?
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    Muffin, do something!!! :woohoo:

  15. Let's see, flap inside, straps either fully open or open but on the guides, cadena on clochette dangling from one handle, and sometime a keychain or scarf tied to other front handle.