How do you dress up your vintage COACH purses?

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  1. Please direct me elsewhere if this topic has already been brought up, but I am curious as to how you dress up your vintage COACH purses. I have recently fallen in love with some of the vintage COACH purses from the 60's & 70's. They are cute to boot, but also very simple. If you carry vintage COACH purses, do you dress yours up or stick with the classic vintage look? I would love to see photos of how you dress up your beautiful vintage purses! ^_^
  2. Here are my girls! :biggrin:
    Bleecker satchel and tote in dark gray! :biggrin:




  3. And here they are undressed!! :biggrin:

  4. the accessorized look!!!:biggrin:
  5. I do exactly what mysweetgirlrose does with hers...dress her up with a cute scarf and an extra keychain/fob...tadah!!

  6. Gorgeous!!! I still love looking at your photos of them all dressed-up!! BLEECKER SISTERS!!! hehe :yahoo:

  7. Heehee...your sweet! :smile: Yes sisters they are indeed!
    Here I was thinking how much I always love the color of your bag, and that is not usually a color I tend to like! Something about it is so rich :smile:
  8. I'm in the same boat. I have a few vintage Coach bags that I love. Almost all of them have brass hardware. I finally bought a brass hangtag, but I haven't had much luck finding other brass items to decorate with...
  9. More please!!
  10. I don't have this one anymore, but I thought it looked nice with a simple peace sign :smile:

  11. I don't normally dress mine up with anything... RARELY a scarf, but mostly just a fob or something small and that's it. They are just so pretty on their own :smile: they don't need to be FLOBBED!
  12. I agree with Bunny the Vintage bags look stunning on their own.. The Leather is so wonderful and the Colors a really rich... Sometimes I will add a scarf or Fob but not often..





  13. I love the way those totes look with the fobs and the scarves. And the leather looks so rich that you've inspired me to go looking for one of my own. :tup:
  14. Oh my goodness! I have been so busy getting well I haven't had time to check back! There are so many replies to 'Quote' back on, I think I'm better off just doing a general reply! :P What BEAUTIFUL vintage COACH purses you ladies have! I think the scarves and FOBs are a perfect touch! Thank you so much for sharing and for your inspiration!! I cannot wait to receive mine!!!! :love:
  15. Where did you get that nice, thick ball chain? I'm looking for something like that!