How do you dress for the mall?

  1. Girls, do you dress up just to go shopping at the mall or downtown? Heels, hair, and make-up?

    I have to admit that I am guilty of doing just that. My fiance gives me the hardest time for it, so I told him I would ask what you all do. If my feet begin to hurt after three hours in platforms, he says "why on earth did you wear heels when you knew you were going shopping?"

    He's right, but what's the point of having all these adorable shoes if I can't wear them? Sometimes, shopping at the mall or downtown is my only social event for the week.

    What about you?
  2. i don't dress up at all....if im really going to do some shopping i want to be 100% comfortable, that means wearing sneakers i mean i look nice sporting but the heel thing NEVER i would never make it after just 5 mintues:rolleyes:
  3. It totally depends where I am(which state) and my mood!!!
  4. Normally I don't dress up and I always wear comfortable shoes ... but I always carry a nice bag and wear my wedding rings ... it sounds very shallow and stupid but I swear I get better service that way!
  5. It depends where I'm going since we have so many different shopping areas around me. If I'm going to the Somerset Collection I usually look a little nicer.
    Unless I'm coming from the office I am wearing jeans and it's rare that I'm not in high heels! Of course that means that I have to make those 3 hours at the mall count before my feet fall off! :cutesy:
  6. I do dress up but I am also being reasonable about it. I usually wear comfortable shoes and that are fashionable but I have to admit that I find it difficult finding the right type of shoe that does the job.
    Usually, kitten heel shoes are comfortable for me and it has to have a rubber sole (non-slip).
  7. me too...sometimes i'm in jeans and a tshirt..sometimes i'm full out all fancied up.
  8. I get a little dressed up...jeans, nice shoes although they need to be comfy shoes too, makeup, hair and a nice handbag. I say this but typically when I go shopping I'm doing something else afterward that I want to look nice for like a nice dinner out. Where I live a nice dinner out means you can wear jeans and cowgirl boots. Yeee...freakin'...haw! LOL!
  9. I tend to dress up when I am going to a mall usally the bigger ones out of town , I wear my nice shoes ,and nice cloths and make up and I break out the Tiffany Jewelry , and as far as the makeup and hair that is standard no matter where I go , no one sees me outside of the house with out conclearer and mascara
  10. i usually bum it to the mall - jeans, flip flops, tshirt. I hate having to try something on and taking off a ton of stuff. It's also very convenient for shoe shopping.
  11. Usually pretty casual(jeans, jersey top, boots) unless I'm going straight from work.
  12. I love dressing up to go shopping. Sometimes Im guilty of wearing sweats, uggs and a t-shirt.
  13. it depends on what i'm going to the mall for. because if you try to go into the more expensive stores around here and you look scrubby they give you dirty looks.
  14. I agree! A couple of weeks ago I was going shopping and about 10 miles down the road I realized I had forgotten to put my rings back on so I turned around and went all the way back home to get them.

  15. Mmm, Somerset Collection ... :drool: One of the only things I missed after leaving Michigan! I only get there once a year now when I visit my parents ...