How Do You Down Play Your Least Favourite Feature ?

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  1. How do you down play your least favourite feature ? What do you use ?

    What do you wear ?
  2. my big hips...i dunno know if this is a trick..but i wear longer shirts so it covers my bum (makes me feel that people dont notice it)
  3. even when i'm thin, i'm pretty apple shaped (i'll always have a tummy) so i make sure that all my shirts are the long torso type that end at my makes me feel leaner b/c the bottom of the shirt doesn't cut me across my widest part.

    i also hide my boring and relatively small dark brown eyes behind sexy librarian glasses. :smile:
  4. concealor and clinique foundation -- I'm always looking for something to cover the annoying zits and blemishes that I NEVER seem able to get rid of, grrrr.
  5. Growing up I always wore contacts but my eyes got too dry so now I wear my glasses. But, I have gotten to really like the glasses and they have the added benefit of slightly masking the under-eye laxity.

    I hate the furrow between my eyebrows and think eventually I may have a brow lift. In the meantime, Botox works but wears off too quickly so I use Frownies -- they do help somewhat. Have considered cutting bangs (again) but really don't want to as they never look right and take too much time and just seem like too much going on with the glasses. So, I'm just living with it for now.

    I remember when I was fighting the zits, and then there were a few good years, and then come the wrinkles . . . .
  6. i'm apple-shaped, and i weigh more than i'd like to right now, so the hardest thing for me to disguise is my tummy. i've found a pretty good way of doing it, though. i wear full skirts that are about knee-length, but i wear them closer to my natural waist than at my hips. they cut me across a relatively narrow part of my body and then go a-line, so there are no annoying bumps or bulges. i'm also have a long torso, so wearing them up a tad higher helps me not have to layer long tanks under my shirts just to make my top and my bottom meet.

    runway looks as of late have been showing a lot more stuff a little higher up, closer to the natural waist, so i feel incredibly chic as well :smile:
  7. I never got a break between zits and wrinkles:sad: No fair!!

    I hate mu eyebrow furrow too and have bangs for that very reason. What are frownies? Do you reccomend them? Thanks:smile:
  8. Loose tops?! But not moo-moo (sp?) types!
  9. Hips...I work out a LOT (running, hockey, even trying to shoot hoops with my BF which is pretty funny). I also find keeping my upper body toned helps my proportions.

    With clothes I usually wear dark pants and keep things pretty lowkey there and try to draw attention to my top.
  10. Hair dye! No grey for me yet! And I love my high heels, helps with the Napolean complex. Hee hee
  11. Concealer and hair dye... I have a ton of greys even though I'm only 20 :sad:
  12. I don't have a least favourite feature. I am perfect. (Just joking!)