How do you do the handbag rotation??

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  1. I find myself in a what a think is a distressing dilemma. Over the past few months, I've acquired more than 6 LVs (one gift and the rest purchases), and I have a few more I want to buy. I'm in the process of buying the other 4 LV bags I want, but I haven't even used the other ones yet. The only one I've really used is my petit noe. So, I'm struggling. Why should I buy more if I don't use the ones I have now?? Well, the answer is obvious, but I was wondering how you girls rotate bags. Are there some bags you are afraid to use and get dirty? Do you find yourself buying LVs to expand your selection rather than expand your rotation??? Does anyone truly have more than they can use?? Ughhhh!! I'm torn.......:girlsigh:
  2. I try and use my bags as soon as I buy them (I often walk out of the store using the very bag I just bought). This way there is no turning back!!!:lol: There are some bags I am more careful with than others (Eye Need You, Fringe, Vienna, etc.) but most of them I use and not worry. There are also certain bags I use more than others (like my Petit Noe) because they are really handy for every day use. I do tend to rotate bags seldom in the winter but in the summer I change bags daily!:yes:
  3. I rotate bags on a whim, and sometimes I do feel that some are getting left out, but you'll get into a groove !
  4. I rotate based on what I'll be wearing that day. I find I use my MC Alma or Green Denim Baggy PM quite a bit this summer. As for getting them dirty.... hmmmm... When the bag is new I try to be really careful with it but since I'm a total klutz, after the first mishap I use it without worrying about them. I tend to feel that I buy LV to expand my collection and not really based on rotation. I have an LV Epi Lilac Jasmine and Epi Vanilla Mabillion that I hardly use anymore but I just can't give them up because I know there maybe a occassion where I *might* eventually need them.

    I say... if you love it, go for it.
  5. Just think of it this way: you're buying up all the LVs on your wish/want list right now to beat the price increase. So you're just fastforwarding to the future by buying all these bags right now instead of later. :P So you're just in the process of storing them. Well, that's what I keep telling myself when I want to buy more bags... :cutesy:
  6. badly. that's how i rotate them: badly.

    i've been using my Damier Papillon 30 ever since i got it about 3 weeks ago, and all my other bags have been neglected :girlsigh:. it's just great as an everyday bag and i love that i don't have to worry about any vachetta.

    i carry my bags according to my outfit, or according to the occasion. and i do try to keep them in as heavy a rotation as possible.
  7. I try to change every week, but that doesn't happen. Occasionally I change because of an outfit, but rarely. Most of the time I change because I'm getting tired of that bag and it's time for a new look that's usually about every other week. I just switch from my gucci bag to my LV fuschia baggy pm. If it starts to rain, I'll just change again.
  8. I'm bad at rotating as well....
    Some of my bags are just sitting there in my closet. I do have more than I need. But if it makes you happy and you can afford it, Go For It :yes:
  9. I try to change on a daily basis, depending on my outfit. Although the bags that were most recently purchased do tend to get more attention, until the novelty wears off!
  10. i never seem to rotate my bags at all. Currently I've been using a Marc Jacobs poor LVs are all crying in the closet...
  11. I rotate my bags in general by where I am going,or what im wearing.
  12. Lol..I change bags daily. I see which one I haven't used for awhile and plan my outfit around it.
  13. I have to say with all my LV's, I have only used my Damier Speedy 25. All the others are still brand new and in my closet. I carry the same bag for a few months, then I usually switch to a new one. Haha sometimes I think that I'm building my own LV museum in my closet. I think when my Epi mandarin Petit Noe comes this week, I'll carry that one since it's the perfect summer color.
  14. I am a very poor example. I get lazy and don't rotate my bags out for a week or so. When I think of it, I will rotate my bags depending on which one I may not have used in awhile, what I am wearing or the occassion. I also keep an eye on the weather.
  15. I tend to use bags depending on what I am doing that day. I have an LV for every purpose - and way more than I need! I rotate daily and don't use bags with vachetta when I know the weather will be bad.