how do you do multi quote?

  1. This may be a silly question to ask, but I tried doing a search for this topic and I couldn't find anything about it. Does anyone have step by directions on how multi-quote?
  2. By using the multi-quote button, which can be found on the bottom right of a post (there are three buttons as you can see, the multi-quote is the one in the middle)

    Click on the multi-quote button of the posts (with a maximum of 5) that you wanna quote and then click on post reply (not the quick reply). The quotes will then appear in your reply box.
  3. Thanks! I've wondered about this too.
  4. It's not working.
  5. To multiquote:

    Click on the middle multi-quote button, the green + will turn into a red x. Do this up to four times, and on the LAST post you wish to quote, click on just the quote tab on the left of the three tabs. It'll take all the posts, seperated of course, to another page where you can reply to each one on one post.
  6. I hit the green + sign here.

    And again here.

    And once more with the green + sign here.

    And then on this post, I hit "Quote" and it brought me to this page where I read everything and replied. :p
  7. Works for me :shrugs:

  8. OPPS! One correction. The green + doesn't turn into a red X, it turns into a red - (minus) sign.

    My bad.

  9. Woo HOO! It worked! I forgot to press the Quote button one last time before I posted.
  10. :tup:

  11. YIPPPEEEEEE!!! You can now multi-quote! Congrats C!:tup::tup:
  12. Thanks, S!
  13. YAY!!! I kept trying to do it and it wouldn't work. :biggrin:
  14. thanks!! learn something new everyday:lol:
  15. I've always wondered about this too! I assumed people copied/pasted each and every quote into a specific code. Never realized there were nifty buttons for it!