How do you do it?

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  1. A lot of you do a GREAT job IDing different things.. sometimes I'm sure you just know from seeing it somewhere before but when you don't know, how do do you search for these items? I'm so curious how you know where to look? Thanks!
  2. I usually google whatever it is I am looking for ("studded leather jacket on so and so"). Then sort through possibilities that come up. is a great source if you are looking for runway items, etc.
  3. First I look for a logo. If there's no logo I look at the style of the object itself (for example missoni is known for prints/knits, hermes for scarves). Then I use google or search tPF for the item.
  4. thank you!
  5. There are also alot of "dress like ___ " sites these days. Just search "dress like celebs name"
  6. okay!

    another site that i heard about that may be helpful (although it hasn'thelped me yet) is..
  7. hello!!!i would like to ask the sight the bags are authentic (sorry my english are not perfect..:confused1:..)
  8. i will check it.