how do you do it?

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  1. I guess this question stems from extreme jealousy and a curiosity on how to do it myself.

    How do you all afford a $500-$1,000 ever week (it seems) not to mention the very expensive clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. Even if it were to all go on CC, you either have way too high limits, or you're paying it off, which means you still have tons of money to blow.

    And the house, car, vacations etc on top of that. I am very envious.:sad:

    I thought i'd be so happy with just my 1 lv, and then i came here and bought a 2nd and i don't's a lot of money...and i make a pretty good living too.

    Basically, give me new career ideas so i can afford what you can. :lol:
  2. well, seeing as a lot of people have viewed this thread and have not replied, i will have to assume you all rob banks and are prostitutes :P

    hahah jk
  3. I think it's more that people prefer to keep their financial affairs private. I personally feel that it's none of my business how anyone affords their lifestyle. But thats just me.

    P.S. I didn't know prostitution was that lucrative?:biggrin:
  4. ^^^ :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Actually, I viewed this and was not sure how to respond. While I was going through college and grad school, I was so flat broke paying for school and all that. Target/K-mart, for me, was splurging. Now the money is good, I splurge every now and then (splurge is relative, I realize), but I feel as though I paid my dues when I was younger. Would I have loved to have these bags when I was in my teens and early twenties, you bet!

    I'm not sure how old you are, so I don't want to be presumptuous. It will all come to you though, just find something you're passionate about and run with it! :flowers:
  5. i'm 23 :smile:

    I suppose for me, i just assume the majority married very well. and i, on the other hand, didn't. We are young, but not wealthy at all. We get by. We have a nice car and take nice yearly vacations, but i can't go out to buy LV all the time. Once a year is it. And i was bad and put my 2nd one on my cc. If i wanted more, i'd have to sacrifice, and not get clothes or something. sucks.

    It's so funny, cause i THOUGHT we were doing ok (though we still, ok is relative) and then i come on message boards, not just this one, and everyone has so much.

    I guess my sin is envy.

  6. I was thinking the exact same thing myself this evening-you must have been reading my mind satine! And, I am not in my 20s anymore-far from it! LOL
  7. Well, if it makes you feel any better. The first higher end designer bag (LV) I got was when I was 27. (Not including the Dior my grandma got me when I was 8). So, I can safely say that you are doing better than me when I was your age. If you can afford to put a roof over your head on your own, you're doing a lot better than a lot of other people. Give yourself some time for your career to blossom and then run with it. After that, you can get almost any bag you want! :flowers:
  8. I think there may be quite a few older people here that are established in their careers. It takes time. I've been working since I was 15 years old (I'm 43 now) and it takes a while to decide how you are going to make a living and what kind of living are you going to make? Money to afford luxuries is fine but I will always opt for peace and happiness if it comes right down to it. Don't let posessions be a motivator for work. Like Balenciaga said, find something you are passionate about and everything else will come later.
  9. Hey Nishi, I noticed in that other post, we are both not happy with our lives and the way they've turned out. I often think that a lot of my unhappiness has to do with my materialisticness (sp?) and message boards such as this one.

    It feeds our greed/envy/whatever and we get down on ourselves because we can't afford what others can.

    I know for me, i was still like this before ANY message board came around, but these places definately add fuel to the fire.

    I've already had DH block a few sites from me (banning our IP addy, cause the other way, in weak moment, i know how to unblock, so i had him to it a diff way) lol

    extreme measures? maybe...but it helps. Then i go through withdraws, and find NEW message boards to obsess over.

    I don't know...i'd like to be mentally sound...i may have him block this one..not yet though (i have a lot of time off work comming up and i don't want to be at home with noting to do lol)
  10. balenciaga and bags, you are right. i need to find my passion....and be motivated to follow through and pursue it.

    i do know i need to lay off message boards and celebrity culture, as it feeds my "obsession". (i feel like a crack addict sometimes! lol)
  11. ^^^^yeah, maybe the healthiest thing would be to find a message board that doesn't have anything to do with aquiring stuff. Take care of yourself first, don't dwell on what other people can or can't afford. Life is too short for that! Find a board that stimulates your mind.
  12. :smile: you are right
    thanks *hugs*
  13. I'll be honest, I'm a cheap ass when it comes to things like shoes and household items. I'm not one who needs to go all out. As a matter of fact, I dropped a whopping $17.20 at Macy*s today on a new silverware set. I'm a clearance rack, bargain hunting, penny pincher.....except when it comes to bags. The money I save on other things, allows me to have my own allowance on bags, some clothes (I do enjoy Target and Abercrombie clothes but will splurge occassionaly), and nice things for my son (he wears only Gymboree and has the coolest toys). My husband charges $50 an hour for side jobs outside of work and uses that towards what new toys he wants (Xbox 360, new PS3 for xmas, new fish and corals for his tank, and to spoil me...a little)

    Cliffs notes: Saving money on other things allows you to spend the savings on your addiction.
  14. I see nothing wrong with your questions and I've enjoyed reading this thread. Don't blame yourself too much (though it's good to know when we have a problem) people don't want to talk about money but the world revolves around it to some extent, and in this kind of a board where many people seem to be dropping several grand a week or month, it's natural to wonder how. But I think you'll find there are people from all walks of life here.

    And there are a lot of people here who just love a well made handbag and are bargain shoppers in that department as well, and we talk about so much's a community of (mostly) women (and Vlad!) Maybe hang out on the other threads if you feel like the handbag boards are getting to be too much at times. I like having you here! :flowers:
  15. I am a panhandler and pt when its not raining in my are Im a squegee kid....:P :amuse: :lol: