How do you do it?


Nov 10, 2007
Hello everyone,

I am new around here and have spent some time looking at some of the pictures and collections on the forum. Let me tell you they are gorgeousssss!!!

I was just wondering..

How do you care for your pieces? It seems like everyone has all of their pieces in perfect or near perfect conditions. Even shoes are in wonderful conditions!!

Im 21, and I have had pieces in the past mostly bags that after like a year of on and off usage get dirty like the part where your arm goes thru or by the zipper....

Anyways I guess what Im just trying to say is how do you care for your pieces and do you normally use your pieces?

Thank you

Keane Fan

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Nov 7, 2006
i try not to put them on the floor (excluding shoes, lmao!).. use leather moisturizer and cleaner.. oh and i have a special section in my room for them..


Aug 4, 2007
Well.. I really baby my bags.. but not as much as some of the other tPF.. I store my bags in their dust bags but I store them on the ground in my room.. I have no where else to put them! xD

I don't use any type of leather treatment or fabric cleaning unless they are specifically dirty..


goddess ^_^
Mar 3, 2007
Honolulu, HI
It takes me no effort to keep my bags clean because I'm just a tad OCD. So without even thinking about it, I naturally don't place my bags on places that could possibly be dirty. I think the fact that I rotate my bags according to my outfits helps too. It's not like one particular bag gets used constantly, except my Hamptons large weekender tote for work.


Peace, Love, Coach
Jun 1, 2007
Same here...don't set them on the floor, store them in my closet in their dust bags when not in use (even accessories), and most importantly, I DON'T LET MY KIDS NEAR THEM!


Sep 10, 2007
Yep! I never put them on the floor, I always hang them off the backs of my chair at restaurants. If its a booth Ill put it on top of my jacket, not directly on the booth seat. At the movies I either give it a seat of its own (again on my coat, not directly on the seat!) or hold it in my lap if the movies crowded. I always put it on the seat in my car, never the floor. I try to keep them in their dustbags when Im not using them and I am OCD about people bumping into them and rubbing against them when im in the store or something lol. Just be cautious of what bag you bring where- like I would never take a khaki signature bag to a bar or something where people are going to be walking around holding their drinks, etc. But then again im realllly careful about my coach bags! Theyre expensive and Im a student and I look at my bags like- wow, thats x number of hours at work. lol.


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I have never cleaned my bags.
I have so many that although I may use a particular bag for two weeks straight, it might not be used again for months.
I keep them in a dustbag in a Coach giftbox or hang them on a coat rack in my basement/office if I plan to use within the next few weeks.
I never keep loose make-up or other dirty items in my purse. My sister who smokes and wears TONS of makeup has the DIRTIEST inside of her bags. I hate to let her use mine, but she promises to keep everything in a wristlet so only the inside of those would be dirty.
I NEVER set my purse on a floor in public, check counters with my hand for spills before setting it down, and whenever possible sit it is a chair rather than hanging it on the chair.
At airports I bring a dustbag and place the purse in a dustbag inside the plastic bin to go through security and when on the plane put it back in the dustbag so the actual purse doesn't touch the floor.

I know, I know seems ridiculous but my purses are in A+ condition.


OK just one more
Nov 28, 2006
welcome to tpf :smile:
i think a lot of it has to do with the fact that many of us
1. have more than one bag (so the wear isn't as significant) and
2. tend to baby our bags a little bit (or a lot!) more just because of the price tag

but personally, i'm guilty of totaling baby'ing my bags :smile:


so CoachyCoachy
Feb 8, 2007
We're probably a little more :upsidedown: about our bags than most. I do moisturize mine to keep them healthy looking, and I have a few to alternate use. I am careful, where I place it down, passing through tight places. A much loved bag that gets used everyday will show wear, especially the strap, the flap or zipper area, that's where the "handling" occurs the most, but that's alright:yes:, unless it is a much loved bag and hard to find one that compares to it! Just enjoy your bag!


so CoachyCoachy
Feb 8, 2007
Theyre expensive and Im a student and I look at my bags like- wow, thats x number of hours at work. lol.
I think about a lot of purchases that way, always have. It shows respect for yourself, your time, and your money! Or as Suzi Orman would say "people first, then things, then money!"


May 2, 2006
I don't take EXTREME care of them (i'm not totally nuts) but I really don't like to set my bag on the floor (I always check before I do!) and i'm just careful.

I don't think it's really hard to keep them looking nice...maybe if it's difficult for you, stay away from light colors? I know that if I had something light it would look awful just from regular wear.


Oh it is love....
May 13, 2007
yeah i don't put my signature bags on the floor, leather i am less careful with, but with leather I moisturize them at least once every couple weeks, and with my signature bags, i actually wash them....i don't have any sig cleaner, and i don't have any of the jaquard stuff, i only have some scribble. But to clean that i just hand wash it in some woolite water! good as new!
basically we all baby our bags!


Apr 27, 2007
I never put my signature bags on the floor and whenever I don't use them, I keep them stored in their dust bags far far away from my 2 yr DD's hands. I see them as an investment and I protect them as such.


Sep 5, 2007
Bay Area
I too never put my bags on the floor. I have designated "work" bags that I use for work to save wear on my nicer bags. I absolutely love Coachfreak's idea for taking a dustbag for travel.

Also, I have a busy 3 year old who often has sticky hands, I often have to tell him "don't touch mommy's purse". I know ppl who hear me must think I am nuts unless they are fellow tPFers.