How do you do it? Keep up with your stuff?

  1. This may have been discussed before, but I rarely change out purses day-to-day because I always forget to put something in my new purse from my old purse. So, I usually just carry the same one for a few months and then change it out to another one.

    I know what you're thinking: you need to match purses to outfits, etc., but I work out of the home and really just go out to pick up the kids and go to their events or run a few errands. Usually in jeans and a white tee.

    How do you make sure that you have everything that you need when you change out purses?

    I am such a newbie compared to all of you. I was just wondering if you had any hints.
  2. A lot of girls are fans of the purseket, and I agree that this is a really great way to organize your things. Since all your stuff are in the slots already, all you have to do is pull out your purseket and drop it into another bag !
  3. I use those freebie makeup bags you get when there's a makeup bonus to hold makeup, keys, phone, etc. I have so many, they serve as little mini organizers!
  4. I have all papers, cc etc in my wallet and the rest in my make up pouch and both I ly down every night on my bed table so in the morning I just have to throw them into my bag. I try to rotate bags because I bought a lot (for me)new bags lately so they are all pretty new and I love them all dearly and want to do them justice.
  5. Step 1: Up-end current bag on sofa
    Step 2: Select new bag
    Step 3: Prep for "flight"
    Step 4: Cram as much or as little of bag 1 as will fit
    Step 5: Leave
    Step 6: Curse self for whatever has been forgotten/not had space for...
    Stir and Repeat as needed
  6. I have an old LV box (thick) that I put all of my 'purse staples' (pochette for makeup, keys, wallet, chkbook, brush, tissue pack,,,,) and I keep it in a closet. So when I use a purse, I dump everything from the box into the purse, pick a pair of sunglasses and I'm gone. When I put the bag away I just dump the contents back into the box. Benefit to that too is that when I need my wallet/check book or keys quickly while at home, I don't have to go figure out which purse I left it in and the box is easy to get into.
  7. I Am One Who Has To Match Or Switch W/Every Outfit. I Usually Keep All Of My "Handbag Belongings" In A Larger Bag (One That I Can Get Into Easily & Goes With A Lot ~ In Case of An Emergency). This Sits On A Really Pretty Box (It's Own Personal Throne!), In My Closet. For The Past 3-4 Years, I Have Left Everything In My Larger Mono Bucket. The Mid-Late '90's I Did That With My Black Prada Backpack. In Between Those Two I Have No Clue...Not That It Really Matters.......My Point This All Makes My Life "A Little" Easier!!!
  8. I carry basic things in my purse, anything else is an add-on and can be left behind. I need my passport, wallet, keys, cellphone and that's it. Anything else I can do without so if it's a bigger bag, I carry more stuff with me. If it's a smaller bag, just those things I mentioned.
  9. I don't make it easy on myself. I just change bags on the whim and hope I didn't forget anything. I did forget my keys last weekend though. :shame: :shame:

    I'm working on it though. Purseket is not a bad idea at all. :idea:
  10. Great suggestions. Thanks.
  11. i put all the important stuff (phone, keys, wallet, pocket organizer) inside my pochette, so i know as long as i have that, i'm straight...everything else just adds to the bulk of the bag!
  12. I guess it's only been two years since I started collecting LV but I am not one to judge. I am the same way. I just can't keep up so don't feel bad. You're not the only one. :biggrin:
  13. This is a great idea! :nuts:
  14. I usually use my bag for wks until I'm in the mood to change it to a different bag.
  15. I agree with Ayla, get a purseket.