How do you do it?! I love them!

  1. I'm on vacation on Oahu, atm, and I went to Neiman's and all the sale shoes are an addt'l 25% off... I love shoes & I love sales, but the most expensive pair I own to date is a pair of cole haan's I bought at the Rack.

    I made the "mistake" of trying on a DARLING pair of CL's ...little dark brown suede ankle boots w/a kick ass heel that fit like a dream!! They're about $470 including discounts and tax and now I'm wandering around the mall like a lost soul trying to justify the price :devil: or talk myself out of them.... :angel:

    When I go home, I would have nowhere to wear them except work (and hello, I'm a classroom teacher! No way I be on my feet all day in those ankle breakers) but they're sooo pretty. :love:

    Okay. Shutting up now, thanks for listening to me rant & waffle back & forth. Hopefully on my next lap of the mall, a more serious CL lover will have already bought them & saved me the torment. :p
  2. Hmmm....having shopped my way right through 3 large shopping bags of shoes at Saks the other day, I can't offer much in the way of help.

    I admire your fortitude, though.:p

    If you love the shoes and they fit perfectly, buy them. You can always return them.
  3. Watch out, buying your first pair is like taking that first hit off the crack pipe!

    I don't have anywhere I really wear them much but work either, but luckily I'm not on my feet much. Maybe try a more comfortable shoe if you do buy some. Even though they are expensive I do get to wear mine a good bit.
  4. The first purchase is the tip of the iceberg!! Good luck resisting!

    PS. I have to say.. it's nice to treat yourself, even if no one else would appreciate them. :biggrin:
  5. I would really go for it...but I am a bad example: SAHM with two preteen and a little toddler I don't get to wear them too much (but I do wear them to go to the mall etc...even if my feet kill me:shame:.

    I started about a month ago and am waiting for my forth pair (ouch!!!)
  6. Don't think you'll get much help here either. I do wear them to my kids school functions - I too have preteens and the little girls love to see what shoes I am wearing this time.
  7. please becareful with louboutins, i wasnt even a shoe person...i was a bag person.. until i was in your position...tried one loub.....and thinkin over and over for 6 months, finally i bought 4 in 2 weeks!!!! i bought 1 simple pump 85 in magenta, 1 simple pump 85 in black leather, 1 lady gres and 1 black architek! So my advice is....seriously these ladies are right, once you cross the will never come back as the same person =) haha. Goodluck and fyi simple pumps are comfy for teaching and you will be a better teacher with loubs hihi =)
  8. Buy them. :yes: I know when i see a pair of shoes, especially on sale that I like, if I don't buy them I keep thinking about them. If you don't want to spend that much money on CL's, I wouldn't go around looking for them, but however, if you try on a pair and absolutely loove them, I would buy them or chances are you'll keep thinking about them.
  9. BUY!!

    I'm told I'm a bad influence on tPF sometimes. ;)
  10. Get em girl... if you prance around the house in only those louboutins you will feel like a million bucks! Plus you will find some where to wear them too ;)
  11. ahhh i would buy them and save them for... you know a day will come when you can wear them LOL, i usually 'stock up' for 'just-in-case' situations haha!
  12. i say buy them too! you only live once... :yes:
  13. Well, the way I keep from buying anything (aside from what I already own) is that I have about 5 louboutin shoes in my Favorites list in Internet Explorer. I look at each every day, and since I can't decide between them and can only afford one I end up buying none. My favorites right now are a pair of simples, a pair of ariella talon boots, and a pair of prives (all I have now are decolletes and a pair of yoyos. I returned my pigalles because I decided they just wouldn't fit me right - 38 is too small but 38.5 is too big).

    So I just look and look and haven't bought any more yet, and know that next season I will like something else just as much :p
  14. I hope you got them. They are addictive. I started in the summer and now I have 4 pair, am planning 2 more soon and am stalking 2 other pair to see if they go on sale.
  15. Well, I started here as a Coach fan ( I only own one classic tote and a pair of matching wedges because I sold them all for my next addiction which is LV and I have been planning on getting my first Speedy for my bday, this month, for 6 months. Then I started looking (WHY???????) at this forum of CL and guess what? I may treat myself to my first pair of CL, the simples or the peep toe slingbacks for work and wait on the Speedy!!!

    How did that happen. These girls have explained it so well. I know that when I cross that line, I will never go back!!! Yey!!!!!!

    Good Luck on your tough decision!!!