How do you display/ store your shoes?

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  1. I know I do and I hateeee getting shoes that don't have them! I just got a pair of Steven by SM and Jessica Simpson shoes at Nord. Rack and it's killing me that they don't have homes :sad:

    I also have a bunch of older cute shoes that I threw away the boxes of when I got them that I totally wish I had.
  2. I do!! I put a few pairs that I wear quite often on the shoe rack and the rest of my prized collection goes in their individual shoe boxes categorized by season. :smile:
  3. Absolutely, I store my shoes in their original boxes....except for sneakers and flip flops and stuff like that.
  4. Same for me.
  5. I do. It is so annoying when I buy pairs that don't come with their box like at Marshall's, TJMaxx.
  6. Absolutely- all in boxes and a polaroid outside- best way to do it for me

    and for the older ones (or ugly boxes) I always ask for spare ones in the shop- normally they keep them or collect them if you ask for it..
  7. i keep all my shoes in their own boxes. i'm afraid they'll get dusty or dirty if i leave them out
  8. Yes and with the original receipt inside.
  9. yup, in the original boxes, or failing that, those fabulous clear plastic storage boxes. I take a pic of each pair & pin it to the outside of thier box too. saves me hours.
  10. I store them in the original box, too. If they don't come with one, I'll use a box from a tennis shoe purchase. I never even thought of the clear storage boxes, but I do believe I'd like to give that a try! :o)
  11. I bought, and buy, matching storage boxes for mine, bigger sized for boots. Then I take a pic and glue it on the box
  12. Melissa, it just makes it a bit easier, as you can keep all the boxes a uniform shape & size, not like the shoe boxes they come in.
  13. I keep some shoes in their shoeboxes. I move a lot so I end up ditching the boxes ... but any new shoes I buy, I keep them in their boxes until I move again.
  14. Usually I keep all the shoe boxes. I don't store the shoes in the box, but I keep the boxes anyway. They accumulate & take up a lot of space though.
  15. I only keep suede & fabric shoes in their boxes to keep the dust off. I like to see my shoes because they are pretty & I'll forget what I have if I can't see them all.