How do you determine...

  1. While I was trying to get to sleep last night, the following was really bugging me. How do you determine where the bag will come on you? For example, the strap is 24 inches. Do you measure from your shoulder down to 24 inches or do you divide 24 in half and measure 12 inches down?

    I hope this makes sense.
  2. Hmm if you're buying on ebay.. ask for the strap drop length.. they'll just measure up and down from the handle to the bag and that's usually a better way of guessing how far it'll come down on you. Also if the bag you're interested in is on they have a very nifty "try it on option" where you can click your height and it'll show you how big the bag will look when it's in your hand or carried on your shoulder.
  3. I was talking about the measurement given on Coach's web site. Sorry I didn't mention it. I've been using the try it on feature a lot, but I wonder how accurate it is.
  4. I'm always wondering the same thing when I'm shopping on their website. I would like to know as well.
  5. It's dead on for me.. I use the 5'4" model! And hmm I guess you could take a measuring tape and measure out how long the strap is... then take scotch tape it onto a bag you already have to gauge how it will fit.

    And if all else fails ask if someone here has that bag and they can tell you how it fits them or can provide pics.
  6. I went and did some measuring.

    I have Patricia's Legacy which has a 50-inch adjustable strap. I have it on the holes at the top. I measured from my shoulder down, and it comes down to 25 inches on me.

    Next, I measured Signature Market Tote (6042). I measured the straps to be 24 inches each. I have it on the holes at the bottom. Since I plan on carrying it in my hand, I'll move it up to the middle holes. I measured from my shoulder down, and it comes down to 12 inches on me.

    Next, I measured Weekend Hamptons Tote (4892). I have no idea what the strap length is. It comes down to 12 inches on me.

    Based on the above, I'm thinking divide the strap length in half, and the answer will be where it comes on you. But, I have no idea if this is right.
  7. That calculation probably works on bags that don't slouch, but a hobo, particularly the ones Coach has just released, have a significant slouch. A lot of the drop distance is in the bag, not just the strap. Also, how much stuff you've put in the bag has a large effect on how far it will drop.
  8. Thank you, Kezza. I didn't think of the slouch factor.
  9. Yeah, sunsets, you're right....Usually the numbers will be "Strap Drop Length" or the entire length of the strap in inches. The "Strap Drop Length" is almost always ½ of the entire length. So, a drop length of 9" (which sits nicely under the arm) would have an entire length of 18".