How do you define "holding it's value"


Sep 1, 2008
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I'm interested in how people define a bag "holding it's value" Is it a percentage you have in your mind?

Obviously if a pre-loved bag is going for $25-$50 less that is holding it's value pretty well but what is your bottom amount for a bag holding it's value?
Jul 3, 2006
I think it's not so much resale value to me, but a combination of things. It's cost per wear, what I got out of it over the years, sentimental value, the luxuriousness, quality, how well it's held up. That all plays into it, not just resale value. My really old bags are priceless and I wouldn't dream of selling because they were made better prior to the takeover when the company left the family. So some of the vintage bags would be worth more to me than a brand new bag. There is also scarcity and rarity to figure in. Just going on resale though if you can sell years later at a hundred or two under full retail, that's probably good.


Jan 17, 2010
For me, "holding its value" is about holding monetary value and I'd say the only bag that really holds its value over the years is Hermes Birkin.


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Nov 25, 2008
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If it's a bag that is not a collector's item for me at all, then cost per wear only, since I really don't care about what's classic or not, what's seasonal or not, etc. Am I going to be using this bag until it's at the most a penny per wear? Lol, maybe not *that* much depending on the bag, but I don't see why not if I'm going to stop bag-buying until I see a need for it.

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Jan 30, 2007
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I think it depends on whether you are talking about "investment dressing" or resale.
"Investment dressing" is if the bag or item will still look good and feel good 10-20 years from now, and if I will have gotten my value out of it.

Keeping it's Resale value - if the resale of the bag in NWT condition is within 75% of it's original price, it kept value. If it is missing tags/minor wear and within 50%, it kept value. If it's a complete and utter train wreck - literally an elephant stepped on it - and it's within 10% of its original value.
Very few bags "keep value"


May 24, 2007
For me, it is if I can resell it and either recoup basically all of my money or make a profit.

I sold on ebay for a few years, so I tend to look at my clothing purchases as business decisions. If I can't at least break even, I'll pass. Once or so a year I'll buy something that I'll lose money on but it has to be super ultra special.


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Mar 29, 2009
I don't think of my stuff as investments, per se. I sometimes rationalize my purchases by thinking about the cost over a year, as in if I buy something that costs $365, then it only costs me $1/day (which is less than most people spend on coffee or other little things).

Certain things I think of as more like disposable because I know they're not going to last as long (like the cheapie tops I used to buy at the mall to wear to bars/clubs back in college). And if something is less expensive, I tend not to get upset if it breaks or doesn't last (my $20 Old Navy scarf is fraying, and the only reason I care is I love the color, but I never expected it to last past this winter since their stuff is not high quality).

All that said, I never buy something with the intent of reselling it. If I buy shoes, jeans, or purses, I plan to use them without any specific expiration date in mind. Once I decide that I don't want an item any more, whether it's because I wore a hole in it from overuse or because I'm just tired of it, then I either give it away or throw it away. I've considered selling a few things on ebay but ended up just giving them to people.

To be fair, I don't have any Hermes or high end bags, so I might feel differently if I had a closet of Birkins.

But even with high price items like a car, I don't expect it to sell for the same price after I've used/driven it for a few years. Hee, that's partly because when I love something, I use it a lot!

My main thought on something holding its value is price as it relates to quality. If I buy an expensive item and it falls apart after a month, then I'll be annoyed. To me, that's something not holding its value.

As charleston-mom mentioned, sentimental value is also a factor. If I love something, no matter how cheap or expensive it was, I want it to last forever and I'll baby it in the hopes of extending its life. I have a cute $20 leather purse I bought in Berkeley almost ten years ago and I still love it. The strap broke recently so I had to have it repaired, but it was worth it because the thought of not having this purse anymore is terrible!

I just read this interview with Karl Lagerfeld and although this quote is in response to fur, it can apply to a lot things:

If you cannot afford it, just forget about it. Don’t use it as an investment piece to show people how rich you are. Use it like a cheap knitted thing. It’s like a big stone. Lucky you that you can have a big stone, but if it troubles you financially to have the stone, don’t have the stone.

If you can afford it, OK. But if you think it’s an investment, then forget about it.
Keep in mind that Karl says a lot of crazy things and take it with a grain of salt!
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Mar 22, 2007
The way I define it is this:
If I had to sell it at any point in time, I would get either exactly what I paid for it, or more.


Jul 20, 2009
longevity of style and quality.. can I carry it 10 years from now without it looking dated? or weathered?

I agree with this. Sentimental value also is a factor. My purchases have greatly matured over the years, meaning I don't buy a bag because it is the lastest trend or because some celebrity has it.


Mar 29, 2006
For me, what matters most is how long I will enjoy it. If it's a long time, it holds its value to me. To resell, I tend to assume (correctly, really) that it will be a money loser over time. And that's okay: except for the most elite tier of products, bags depreciate, far more often than not.

I'm content to get good cost per wear while I have it, but no way do I expect anything near 100% if I wind up selling.
this is a really helpful thread for me...i get so excited for new bags that i sell others that i am still in love with just to add to my collection...the ones that i sell are in great condition and some have only been used a few the end i feel like i'm the one getting cheated (by my OWN doing) because i have sold 500+ bags for 150. OUCH! i'm glad i stumbled onto this thread because it gives me more to think about when i'm making a decision to let a bag go or to keep it!