How do you decorate/accessorize your bags?

  1. I normally don't but I saw some of you who love to tie a scarf on your bags, some put keychain, etc... And they are lovely and unique..! :love:

    Let's share ideas on how we can beautify our pretty babies..! :P What are the do's and dont's (yea, we sure don't want to overdo it..!) when putting accessories on our bags?
  2. Well I've been looking for a used cerises speedy at an ok price and haven't found one. So I've been thinking of tying a cerises scarf to one handle of a monogram speedy 35 I might buy for our upcoming vacation :smile: But I still need to get both, so I don't have pix for you!
  3. I recently bought a fleur bandeau to tie on my Speedy, so that it seemed more summery. I also like to hang Hermes key charms, mostly fruits, on my LVs so that it has a little kick to it.:yes:
  4. I have a hermes twilly I tie on my speedy or cabas mezzo. I look at it and imagine someday it'll be tied to a birkin! :love:
  5. Sometimes less is more. I saw this picture on an eBay auction, and I think this lady only put them all at once on a bag to demonstrate how they'd look - this is not a good look all together. Lovely limited ed. pieces though !

    crazy chains.JPG
  6. ^^ Yeah, one at a time might be better! :biggrin:
  7. I have an LV orange bandeau on my speedies
  8. I love when I see a scarf tied on the bag. I've been thinking about getting one and doing that myself, I think it looks so nice.
  9. Yeah..I use my fuchsia perfo bandana on my monogram bags. And for my others, I use a Speedy Inclusion keychain (either the beige or black depending on the color of the bag), or my Cerises porte monnaie rond.
  10. i use my dior dice make up thingy to give my speedy abit of bling
  11. I put purse charms on my bag.
  12. Thanks for all the opinions..! I love I could see more pix to get a clearer idea... :P
  13. Oh, I love cerises speedy too..! Too bad it's discontinued and can no longer buy from LV boutique. :cry: I'm afraid to buy from e-bay even though the pix they provided seems authentic coz I'm afraid they will send me a replica... :Push:
  14. LOL... I agree that less is more. I won't want my bags to look like a christmas tree..! :roflmfao:
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