How do you decide?

  1. NEWSIE!!! Want to know what makes everyone passionate about a designer or a purse. What makes you intersted, what makes you loyal to a designer? Besides the current trend, how do you decide what your next bag will be?? Trying to find her style . . .
  2. What makes me interested?- the design and color of the bag

    What makes me loyal?- I am not loyal to any designers

    How do I decide on next bag purchase?- financial consideration and passion for the bag
  3. Interested? I'm interested in everything to do with bags, so I read the glossies, check out places like this (way too often!) and generally lurk in bag departments. I am constantly curious and check out loads of things whether or not it is a designer I've heard of or own.

    Loyalty? Not automatically to any brand, but there are definitely brands/houses whose collections I'm more interested in seeing, usually based on previous ownership (Anya Hindmarch for example) or simple aspiration and lust (Hermes! Just seen the Kelly 'flat' that folds into a clutch for the first time). Would never automatically go for, nor reject, anything though. But I do reject places that sell bags on the basis of poor customer service experience and stay loyal to those that are great which I know is a different question.

    Decisions? Mood, season, bank balance, similarity to other bags I own, purpose - all sorts of variables. If I am experimenting though (don't do this often) with a new style or colour, I am much more likely to be very cautious and go for a mid-range bag. I don't think I'd risk buying a very colourful or unstructured bag (neither my natural style) from an expensive designer unless I was super sure it was for me.
  4. For me~ it's all about the leather!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Out of interest, does that mean you always have to see (smell, stroke, caress!) a bag in real life before you'll commit?
  6. ^^^YES! Or if I can't see it IRL I get opinions from the girls here on the PF!
  7. The design and color is of uptmost importance to me, along with the materials of the bag. I don't shop for trends, it's all about what will look good with my wardrobe.

    No loyalty to designers, but I have favorite lines that seem to go more with my style. Ex. never thought I'd buy a LV, but after seeing the non-logo options on this board I might consider it.

    I decide on my next bag by my needs and my bank balance. I don't like changing bags often, so I keep my inventory small. I'm now shopping for a small black bag since the one I carry daily is showing wear, so I've been on the hunt for a new one that I love.
  8. What makes you interested
    style, quality, leather
    what makes you loyal to a designer?
    if they keep making the bags i love, now my loyalty goes to balenciaga bags.
    Besides the current trend, how do you decide what your next bag will be??
    i decide on whatever bag make my heart beats... regarding the brand or else