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  1. which color in which style?

    Today i was out browsing and checked out the b bags ( i've never seen them irl. I :love: the bags.
    I tried on the black city and like the size ( for some days) I also checked out the first bag ( my s/a calls it mini city) in both the black and new blue.. OMG 2DF!

    I really like the smaller one (first) for an everyday bag its so cute and was so soft.. I could have spent a fortune today. But i wonder if this bag would be on the small size when i'm out shopping with b/f and have more to carry.

    Confused and want one in each color in each style :smile:
  2. Depends on how much your boyfriend likes to buy you! LOL Seriously, I would probably prefer the first for shopping because all you need to bring is your cell and wallet and a few other tiny items. Plus you are going to get loaded down with bags anyway, and they would not all fit in your City anyway, right? I think the City is good for work days, school days, and shopping for smaller things. However, they are really light and either would probably not strain you on a heavy shopping day. And both colors are beautiful, too. Oh screw it, get all four-that's my enabler's advice to you! ;)
  3. OMGosh you were no help, but I :love: you thinking. If i had my my and my account thought the same way i'd do just that :biggrin:
  4. Also what is the difference between the box and twiggy?
  5. I have the 1st & although many feel it is too small, I find it a great everyday size. I don't have a family or children or anything (i'm only 21) so I don't really have a lot to carry, but it holds my paddington long wallet, phone, makeup case, & sunglass case comfortably.
  6. Check out, the second to last link "motocycle style reference" has pics of the twiggy and box side by side and the measurements. Box is smaller, but alot of people like the Twiggy except some have issues carrying it under their arm. After reading your post, I think you should go for the First, since you said it would be an everyday bag, because who wants to pay 1200 for the City if you don't think you will use it very often... IMHO, of course. Good luck!
  7. The box and twiggy are very similar looking, but the box is somewhat smaller and more square. It is my favorite style - I found the first to be a bit too small for my everyday needs.

    Good luck deciding :flowers: I'm not sure why, but these bags are the most addicting - you definitely will "need" more than one :supacool:
  8. thank you, I found pic's posted here of the first loaded up and it seems like it would hold my stuff. I do like the idea of having both handlheld and the long strap :smile: for shopping. I'm not too worried about kids stuff in my bag since my kids are older.
  9. thanks, i'll check out that link.
    You have a valid point regarding the first. Although i do carry a mc speedy (not daily though) but do like it for a change.
    After looking at the first today i think its almost safe to say it will hold as much as my speedy 25.

    I think i'm sold on the first but just like the size of the city for different days and a change yknow.
  10. If money wasnt an issue i'd turn myself into Nicole Richie and not realize it.

    I love the bublegum pink in the first, and like the green in the city( that nicole has) i could just go overboard with these bags, the magentic is beautiful in either the first or city.. wow to have her money :biggrin:
  11. for some reason this link isnt working.
  12. Sorry, I misspelled the link...fixed it above.
  13. For me, the deciding factor is that, i must be able to use this bag ALOT to make it worth it, anything over $700 is alot to me and I need to think really hard.

    I need to bring files and binders to work to see customers, and i need to look professional and it has to fit all those crap, so the work is the answer for me.

  14. I like certain styles in certain colors. For instance, I think the First is the perfect size for casual or casual chic evenings out. So this size I LOVE in metallic. THe City is a great everday bag. I LOVE the City in bright fun colors. I fell in LOVE with the Day in the black & white striped damask. The Twiggy looks fabulous in every color IMO. The Purse to me is a real "ladylike" Bbag. Therefore, I bought one in pale rose .... a very "girlie" color. I haven't gotten any other styels .... yet .... but if I did get a work or a courier I'd probably get them in neutral colors so they would be work appropriate.
  15. that makes a lot of sense.