How Do you Decide?

  1. I have a question....

    I have had in the back of my mind.....that I might want to sell a birkin of mine. I have only recently brought it to the front of my mind because I bought a new Kelly recently.

    I am really nervous about it because I know once you sell something like that....its really HARD to get it back. do you guys decide its time to cut it loose.......
  2. how many birkins do you have?
    which ones do you really use a lot? i would also consider which ones will last the longest and have the best wear and tear factor. in my case, i would keep any dark birkins that i use a lot because they will last longer (the darkening of the handles is less obvious, etc) and give up one in a light colour and/or in a leather that shows scratches more.
    but ultimately just sell the one that you love the least.
  3. I have two 35cms one 30cm and a 36cm HAC and two 32 kellys.

    i am thinking about one of my birkins. I have had it less than a year and I barely use it...but I love it. I love looking at it, etc
  4. Think about it, you might be sorry!
  5. I know. Its one of those things....that you can really regret it.

    but I always explore why I would bring up those feelings in the first me.....I shouldn't have these thoughts with something this expensive......
  6. I'm in the same delima with one of mine. It's black swift and I'm not sure about the longevity of it. Problem is I LOVE the bag! What color & leather is yours?
  7. its clemance. brighton blue. size 30cm.

    its just so pretty but I think I should be using it more and I am more of a 35cm person I think.
  8. guccigal, you might want to hold on to it for awhile. You'd hate to have seller's remorse.
  9. yeah that would be the worst too because it would be gone gone.....

    I think once I decide I for sure want to (which I am about 80% there)...that I should wait a few weeks and see.

    mostly...I told myself....after my last birkin a few months ago I was done for a VERY long time...and I just bought the ostrich I feel that it would be the best thing to do. blah.
  10. Guccigal, I can relate to your dilemma. I have sold a couple of bags in the past few years and both times its been a issue of size. Size is the hardest thing to get "right" before you actually own and carry the bag. I know a lot of people own a birkin or a kelly in several different sizes, but my brain is not wired that for some reason - I can only seem to acclimate to one size in a given style. I am going through your same dilemma now with a kelly bag. I love looking at it but I would much prefer an identical bag but in a 28 instead of a 32. (its too bad I cant shrink it - or that you cant expand your birkin bag).
    This is a good thread by the way and a very important question.
    A related question I have is - when you sell a bag, is the primary motivation money, or the feeling of not wanting to have too many things, particularly things not being put to use?
  11. you know .........there is always another beautiful bag to be had. nothing worse than treating these things as more precious than they are. if you dont use something or feel you have one or two too many........sell it. i personally dont like having a huge quantity of bags. it feels wrong...........for a variety of reasons
  12. I personally like to keep my numbers down...and I think you're figuring out what your Hermes bag purseonality is!! (hey I just made that up!)....If you truly feel 35's are better - I would part with it - maybe think about it a bit but for me, keeping it just because you like to look at it, well it's not enough for me - mine really have to earn their keep! Good luck with your decision - I love BB!
  13. It's your ONLY 30cm one so you might want to think about it a little more!
  14. yeah and the problem with too many for me...esp since I work out a UBER cas office.....I can't get my money out of them.

    I do love it. I like to carry it....but I pick my other bags know?

    okay I think its time. when i get back from my weekend out of time. its gotta go up.

    it will be painful but I guess when i start thinking about selling....I should do it.....bc when you are buying many Ks costing bags...there should be NONE of this....there should be no question and the questions you do have...should make me realize its time.

    sad sad sad. but I know after talking it out with you guys, its time.

    thanks for the help.

    anyone else have those thoughts creeping in? I have kinda had those thoughts awhile about this 30cm brighton blue and I love the pallidum hardware on glad I got it with that....and my orange massai. i have had these thoughts for a long time.

    and I always say to people...there is so much other stuff out there....that if you have any doubt don't do it...and find something that doesn't give you doubt!
  15. I thought about that too but i do have one black 32cm kelly that I can use for a smaller bag.

    I am tall and wear 4 inch heels all the time.....and I sometimes feel its just SO small when I am all tall and stuff.