How do you decide?

  1. Hi everyone

    Here's what I'd like to know...when you decide on a bag, how do you find out about it, and then decide to buy it. Do you..see it in a magazine and then go look for it? Do it when you see it? Do you...take weeks to get to know the bag...and then buy it?

    What are your criteria for buying a bag?

    Does a celebrity carrying the bag influence you? If so, who's got the best taste out there and what do they carry?

    Look forward to your responses!
  2. I find that the comments by PF members now largely influence my choice of bags! I work close to all the boutiques so I have this habit of rushing out to have a look and often come back with a bag.:shame:
  3. I usually look for something classic that I can use all the time. I tend to look at handbags in magazines and booklets from NM, handbags here, or handbags at NM, handbags online ;)

    Soooo that's how I make a choice :smile:
  4. I usually shop by brand. I know which makers appeal to me, and what types of bags I'm in the market for at any given time. I browse the various venues regularly (on-line and off) for new offerings and good deals. When the fates collide (and assuming I've got the cash), I buy.

    I do have to admit my latest purchase was driven by other forces. I had been downtown to lust over the Mulberry Phoebe in Oak several times, and had been unable to find a good deal on one anywhere. I was becoming afraid I'd miss my chance to get a new one, so I scrambled to sell some stuff on eBay and after much agonizing ended up paying full price for the bag at a department store. It's the only bag for which I've paid full price - ever. I do, however, feel vindicated in knowing I got one of only two left at Nordstroms, and it's mine!

    I like to look at bags in the magazines and on this forum, but have yet to be driven to that must have mode by any I've seen in an ad or here (so far!).
  5. i look at pics n get info from the members here.. then go the mall n touch it and from there, when it was at the mp, i would buy it.. otherwise, i just go the store to check it out, n buy it online if available..
  6. First is the bag itself. I have to really want it. Then I check the price tag. Then think about stuff like how to clean it, care for it and how functional it is. I like going in stores better at least to see how it looks on me cause something that I like may not look good on me.
  7. Decision is based first on proximity... If I am near a bag that I can afford and love, it is mine. If I see it online, I would LIKE to see if first in person. That is how I purchased my LV Ellipse and Salsa bags (viewed them LOTS online, then in the boutique). If I can't see it in person, but look like something I must have, well.....then I may purchase it online, sight unseen, as I did with my Hayden-Harnett Mercer Satchel in Luggage, which I have yet to carry, since I bought the LVs first..... Aye yi yi.... who knew it was all so complex? :P
  8. LOL - it IS complex isn't it? I started by deciding it's time to own a high-end bag. I then found the Coach Daphne bag - Jessica Alba carrying it and other magazine placements. I set out to buy the Daphne but when I saw it in person 1. they didn't have the summer colours yet, 2. it was going to be canvas but still as expensive as all leather and 3. I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. More magazine browsing - Jessica Alba all over the carrying Marc Jacobs. Visited a boutique and discovered the Blake. I then essentially dated "my" bag - went to the store several times and eventually brought a trusted friend to seal the deal. Isn't that long and involved?? Maybe my next one will be easier!
  9. Well, first I figure out what size/style/color I'm missing and in need of. I haven't yet been seized by an amazing LOOK that I have to have. It's all about where and how I would wear it. At the moment I need a medium brown shoulder in medium size. lol. *The most basic bag you can buy is somehow not a bag I have!*

    So, then I go online - usually Elux and NM and occasionally styledrops to decide among a few brands that I've had good experiences with. And then I go in search of it physically usually Neimans or Saks. (although many times I've bought from pics alone)

    Frankly, especially when I was in Marc Jacobs mode last summer and fall I found most of what I was looking for on Ebay. You just have to be SOO careful when buying there. I don't recommend it unless you stick to the very highly regarded sellers.

    Anyway, that's what I do.
  10. I am pretty impulsive. If I see a bag in the store and I like it I buy it right there and then. I've also learned about a lot of designer bags from fellow PF members. What celebrities are carrying does not influence me at all. I buy what I like.
  11. Well, I am fortunate enough to live in very close proximity to Saks, NM, LV, Bally, Dior, Barneys (eh hem...), and a slew of little high end boutiques, all within 5-minute walking distance, and I make the rounds. When I see something I have trouble walking away from (I do usually TRY to walk away), it inevitably ends up "following" me home:lol: I've purchased all my bags in person, never online or sight unseen, although there have been occasions where I've had stores special order a style/color that wasn't in stock anywhere. I really have to feel it and smell it and try it on to make sure that it will 'work' for me, because, sadly, sometimes the bags that I get really excited about end up being dead wrong for me. *sigh* Whenever we travel, I do usually pick up a 'little something' as a reminder...
  12. I take things in and know what styles are impractical for me, and what bags are just too big or small

    i also tend to be a sale table worshipper on the more expensive stuff ie coming home and showing my husband how much i saved softens the blow of how much i spent