How do you decide?

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  1. Yesterday, while shopping at H, I bought based solely on the leathers. It didn't matter that the colors weren't my favorite or that the leathers were going to show scratches or marks. I loved the feel of these leathers against my hand. That was it! I was sold. Yep, I'm a leather connoisseur.

    How do you guy shop? Do you buy based on color? Leather? Shape of bag?
  2. In descending order:

    1. shape of bag
    2a. colour
    2b. leather
    3. hardware
  3. 1-Bag type ie birkin etc


  4. I have to be honest it's a toss up between leather and color for me. But I just can't seem to resist anything Barenia. I think I just about snatched up all the small Barenia items in the store.
  5. HG, do you like Barenia in colors, or only natural?
  6. It's a toss-up for me too, hence the 2a and 2b I used for colour and leather.

    Oooh, but yeah, if I had barenia dangled under my nose I'd be snapping up the items too.
  7. Okay, how do I decide on my Barenia? I love natural over everything else. The indigo is really nice IRL, ebene is a great neutral, but I look horrible in vert olive.
  8. If I'm deciding for someone else,

    1. Scale (I look for a particular visual relationship of bag to person)
    2. Leather
    3. Color
    4. Shape/type of bag

    If I'm deciding for myself...I'll let you know when I figure it out.
  9. I try to consider how the leather will look as it ages, taking the leather type and the color into consideration. I love to look at bright colors, but fear that they would look a little sad with the type of wear that gives character to the neutral colors. Rouge H is the only "color" I have felt comfortable with for the long haul.
  10. You know, Golconda, that's another reason I'm not overly fond of the colors. They can look worn after a while, while the neutrals seem to age better. Also, it can pretty much pin your bag down to a certain time. For example, orange box, look for an E or F datestamp. Gold peau porc, W, X, or Y datestamp. Natural Barenia Birkin, around an E datestamp. Cyclamen chevre, I datestamp. These are the times when these bags were in highest production.
  11. hermesgroupie, my style bag of choice is the Kelly....the 28 is great for it's take shopping, but, I've also been out shopping with my 35 Kelly. Whatever appeals on a particular day!

    I love barenia too.....but don't want a bag I have to go out of my way to "baby" and look after even tho I do do those things anyway and even tho I know you don't necessarily have to baby barenia!

    I saw an eBay auction....and gold swift with with white topstitch looks a lot like barenia with a little more textured hand ( in the auction pics )

    Go to Luxwear's auctions and look.....fab pics! An alternative to barenia? At least in the looks department? But, would it show watermarks?

    OK, as for my fav leather it has to be clemence. If something is in clemence, it's a winner to me. I love it's softness and pliability....I find I can tame my Kellys easier if they are clemence. I can reach inside easier, buckle the bag easier.

    And, it has the nicest scent.....
  12. 1) Bag style
    2) Leather (must feel good)
    3) Color (prefer neutrals for big bags and colors for small bags)

    I like and appreciate golconda's comments about age and color...had not thought of things in those terms before. I guess I just don't imagine that my colored bags will have enough visible wear in my lifetime that it will be an issue...but it's an excellent point.

    I would love to see indigo Barenia IRL and image I'd probably snap up SOME bag in that if I loved it.
  13. Wait, what did you buy, HG? You can't just dangle that little hint in front of us!

    As for me, I'm changed the way I buy. It used to be based on:

    1. Size of bag - my old SA sent me every tiny, bright-colored bag that came in the store (mini Trims, mini Evelynes, mini Plumes, mini GPTs, etc.)
    2. Color - I only wanted bright colors (orange, vert anis, cyclamen, raisin, etc.)
    3. Leather - I loved chevre and box the most, definitely the more structured leathers.

    Now, as I've lived with (and sold most of) those bags, I think my preferences are more like:

    1. Style - I've become a Birkin fan!
    2. Leather - now I've rediscovered togo and adore swift. I'd never really had slouchy leathers before and now I love them!
    3. Size - I'm still a 25cm girl
  14. Shape and size of bag and colour and leather and hardware
    My problem is the "ands" ...;)
  15. Leather first then colour, and what I already have in my collection.

    I like to own bags in different leathers, or shall I say, give a different leather a chance to be included into my H collection.

    Only if I'm convinced I like a particular leather enough, I will tend analyse the best colours that leather have, and compare these pre-selected colours against the colours that I already own. I will try to get a different colour than what I already have but that said, I will not hesitate to get the same colour again, because in a different leather, the same colour will always look different.

    So far, I have not owned the same colour & leather in 2 different styles of bags, but I soon will be, when my 35cm Paris Bombay arrives :biggrin: