How do you decide which color hardware to choose?

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  1. Just you pick your HW color based on leather color? The amount of HW/bag design? The type of jewelry that you own? All of the above? Or do you have some other sort of logic that you follow?

    I would be interested in hearing your thoughts, esp. as I try to figure out what color HW to get for my Pewter LM.

    Thanks! Your collective wisdom is much appreciated. :smile:
  2. I always choose silver.. it's easy :tup:

    I do buy bags with other hardware but when given a choice, it's always silver..

    for the pewter, I am doing silver as well -- I know that lots of people have gotten it with gold but I prefer it with the silver..
  3. Thanks, finzup! I am kinda picky and like to match my bag HW with the jewelry I am wearing that day (I am an accessories freak), and most of my jewelry is gold (though I do wear some silver, too) so I tend to go for gold HW. But my other LM had silver HW (in fact, it's my only bag with silver HW). I was thinking that since the pewter is a silverish color, getting gold HW on it would make it work with ALL of my jewelry.

    Or am I wrong here? Is the pewter really leaning towards silver?
  4. Easy for me too - I always choose silver and actually have no bags (and probably never will) with gold hardware. I only wear silver, plat or white gold jewellery. Not sure why, but I have never worn yellow gold. Weird, I know. That being said, I admire gold hardware with the choco and actually think that the taupe tones in the pewter would really be set off beautifully by the gold hardware. JMHO!
  5. In spite of the fact that I wear sterling or white gold jewelry, I still like gold hw best on bags especially when it's quality hw and not cheap, icky gold. I mostly chose gold because I like how it warms up leather and brings out the richness of the color. I did order my aubergine with silver hw to keep it casual and keep the color 'cool' rather than making it too dressy or business-y. I have no problem with wearing white gold or silver jewelry with my handbags with gold hw but I think metallics are neutral and can be mixed.
  6. You make some great points, tlloveshim! Sigh...I am angsting over this one.
  7. Lo, do you have pics of pewter crash bags with both silver and gold hw? Maybe comparing them side by side would help you determine which you like better and what look you're going for?
  8. OK, here is silver hw on pewter:
    (off to find gold hw now...)
  9. Not a LM but pewter w/ gold hw:


    With this leather I believe the gold is going to warm it up and bring out different tones while silver is going to keep it cool and maybe more 'silvery'. At first glance I like the silver hw but it depends on the look you want. I like the more casual look of pewter w/ silver hw as opposed to the more sophisticated look of pewter w/ gold hw. Just my .02.
  10. Have you seen a pic of it with gold hw? there's one in the pewter bespoke thread....
    I kind of think that pewter is a 'blackish greyish silver' color if that makes any sense? I just think the silver really complements it. Now -- if I could get like matte black hardware... watch out!!! :nuts:
  11. I agree with your logic here. Pewter with Gold would make it wearable with both metals. I could give you my 2 cents on Wednesday (that's when my Pewter arrives!) whether Pewter leans more towards silver or gold.

    This is a new realm for me, choosing HW! But I would imagine choosing HW based on leather color the most. Some leather texture/ color just go with either the silver or gold, or the variation of (i.e. antiqued brass). Also, having collected RM for so long I'm sorta tired of brass/ gold HW; I lean more towards silver these days. I'm not sure I helped at all. I'll report back with my opinion of Pewter!
  12. I too, like C4H, have plenty of brass/gold HW in my collection, so I am going for silver with my pewter LM. I think it really just boils down to what you like, what you prefer, and what really makes you say "WOW". The wow for me is the silver on this one!!
  13. I know what you mean about matching hardware with jewellary, but some colours just look better with a particular h/w. In my opinion, rich tones such as browns, tans, purples, reds etc look best with gold. Whereas, cooler tones look better with silver such as grays and blues.

    I have a pewter LM midi with silver hardware and this option looks great. There is quite a bit of hardware on the LM so you might want to tone it down with silver. I tend to wear the richer tones in the warmer months, which is also when I might wear the odd bit of gold jewellary. Hope this helps!
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    I wear white gold/platinum jewelry and have always ordered my BE bags with silver hardware because of that. Now I own Jimmy Choo and Miu Miu with gold hardware and I am starting to like it depending on the leather color. Sometimes it really gives it a wonderful, rich look. I would choose based on your leather color and the look you are trying to achieve. Silver is a bit more cool and casual. Gold is more rich and classy imo.

    Here is a pic of a Jimmy Choo platinum bag with gold hardware that looks incredible. I think I like that you can wear two different metals with our pewter/gold hw bags.

    JC Twins (Small).JPG
  15. Some designers carry gorgeous gold hardware, that make the leather look incredible. I'm sorry to say that BE isn't one of them; it's too shiny, although I guess BE's silver hardware is too shiny also, but somehow, the silver tone carries the shine a bit better (to me) than the gold hw does. JMHO. I've returned or sold EVERY BE bag with gold hardware that I've ever bought; I ALWAYS regret the gold hw. However, to be fair, I wear NO yellow gold jewelry, instead only platinum, white gold and silver. I look despicable in gold.