How do you decide which brand to buy

  1. Hi all....

    I need help (maybe therapy) I drive myself crazy all the time....I don't buy that many bags but when I decide I'm ready, I switch back and forth on which brand to buy....I use to be on the LV forum most of the time but now I'm looking at Coach, Balenciaga and Chloe. Can you share with me the most important reasons that you all use to buy what brand, etc., what are your thoughts...I need your input! THANKS! :smile:
  2. well, i tend to look at a few factors
    1) material- ie leather, or lv is leatherized vynol or coach is fabric/leather
    2) cost of course is a factor
    3) available styles
  3. i don't decide on the brand first, i decide from the style that i like the most...
  4. I decide on where it is made, I do not like paying top dollar made by cheap labor, so made in the US or Italy. I like more cutting edge designers or not mainstream lines and usually the hardware is a big factor. I prefer bags that either do not have metal hardware or very suttle(Anya Hindmarch). I like matching jewelry to bag. Now I just found an option with Michelle Vale handbags They have removeable and interchangeable hardware components that allow you to switch from gold to silver. I am in love with the concept and the style. 2 more weeks until I receive it!
  5. I buy the purses that I like and can afford. But I'm a sucker for LV. :nuts:
  6. I think people have different budgets, but usually I buy from the brand I've loved for the past 18 years......
  7. If I see a style I like for the right price, I then go into research mode. I try to find as many pics of the bag inside and outside to assess it for quality and utility. I admit that I do lean more toward brands that I have been satisfied with in the past (LV for example).
  8. I normally go by style. I am really obsessed with Balenciaga, though. There are so many colors and styles to choose from and the leather is insanely beautiful, thick, and light to carry.
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  10. Back on topic, I don't know how I decide.

    I have a mix of bags, Chloe, Gucci, Prada, Dior, Fendi
    I don't buy Chanel or LV, I always thought they were far too expensive but the way Prada have been going I can't use that as an excuse...
    I also tend to associate Chanel, LV, Hermes with older women so that puts me off them a little bit. Though the more I see on this forum the more i'm thinking of broadening my taste, i've been considering an LV Vernis for a while...

    I hate to admit it but celebrity sightings probably affect my decisions too.
  11. First, you have to love the bag. It must be your style. I would suggest being practical - buy a bag you can afford and that you LOVE. Take into consideration the style of the bag and the material.

    If you have a few brands that you like, maybe peek into the forums and read up a little to see what people are saying about the bags. That might help.
  12. I look at the design first... Do I like it? Will it work for my lifestyle? Where will I wear it? Do I have another bag that serves the same purpose/look?

    Then I look at materials... How is the quality? Do I want to deal with suede? Is the leather soft enough? How is the lining and hardware?

    Then I look at weight... I won't buy anything too heavy.

    Then I look at the price... Can I affort it? Will I pay this much for it?

    If all four areas look good I buy it.
  13. It definitely comes down to the individual bags for me. If a certain brand gets rave reviews but doesn't have styles that appeal to me or are appropriate for my lifestyle, then it just doesn't matter.

    Many people here have come to love a certain brand because of their styles and because of their experiences with it. When you know a certain designer makes items that work for you and are top quality, it is powerful incentive to be a repeat customer!
  14. There are certain designers I like more than others and tend to look at those first, since I know their quality is good. Then it is the design itself, practicality, colour, size and of course price that I will look at.

  15. Thanks....these are very good points to consider! :tup:I want to splurge on something fabulous for my 40th birthday the end of the year and so right now it's not so much about the price but I want something that will be in style for years to come...I don't want to get sick of it or have buyers remorse a year from now, KWIM? I love Bbags, the Chloe Paddington, the YSL Downtown and the new LV Tivoli that's coming out in a few months. I feel as though LV is probably more timeless but how about the that too trendy? I know it's been around for a few seasons now, just like the Bbags. I wish I could afford to buy ALL of them!! :crybaby: