How do you decide which bag(s) to sell?

  1. Ladies - do you have a method for choosing which bags to sell? Is it 'use or sell it'? You sell 'em when u grow tired of them? You only allow yourself a certain # per color?Your DH chooses? Eeny Meeny Miney Mo? I've seen some gorgeous bags going for sale and I don't understand how you do it! How do you do it? :confused1:

    Being addicted to purses, especially Chanel, I've used up all my closet space! Yup all of it, including extra space in the linen closet~ I've rearranged, even donated clothes and shoes just to make more space but there's no more unless I'm ready to put them under my bed (NOT). And I'm still waiting for 2 reissues! I told myself 1 in each color in each hardware (1 black w/ silver, 1 black w/gold, for example). Right ... I forgot the different styles! :push:

    Is it time to store them under the bed? Get a bigger place? :p
  2. I will only sell a bag if I haven't carried it in a year and I have no second thoughts about selling it. If I feel even the tiniest bit of apprehension, I don't sell it. For example, I have sold off most of my monogram Gucci's. They're beautiful bags but I'm just not into them anymore.... I've kept a few of the more classic styles but the rest have gone to new homes and will be well loved! :heart:
  3. I have never sold a bag, now looking into my closet I have WAY MORE than I need and some I forgot I had. A closet full of designer handbags that I dont use just feels so sad to me. I can imagine what my closet costs in handbags alone! I have decided that the bags I choose to sell are the ones I know I will absolutely not miss and never wear again.
  4. A couple of months ago, I pulled out all my bags from my closet with the plan of selling some to make room for my Chanel bags that are sadly camping in my drawers. As I was going through my bags, I remembered the joy these bags have given me all those years ago. So in the end, I reorganised my closet and decide not to sell a single one. I love them all!!!
  5. I need to figure out a way to store them so I can SEE them versus being hidden in a dustcover in a box in my closet. I think I would use them more if I could see them....I think this is part of the problem. if I haven't used it and it's been 6-9 months then I sell it.....I just sold my navy patent reissue from last year with the gold hardware....I NEVER USED it in almsot a that is my gauge....I have an LV Roxbury in amarante that i have had nine months and not used so guess she's gotta go too....and an e/w caviar flap that i haven't used in 18 months....but then I think, jeez, i costs $1675 today and I paid maybe $1075 three or four years I keep or sell?
  6. I dont think id ever sell any of my Chanel bags unless i absolutley didnt like it at all anymore. I'm in the process of selling off my Louis Vuitton bags (i was obsessed with LV before Chanel), but im keeping the ones i love and selling off the ones that i dont ever see myself wearing again.
  7. I have some I would never part with. :love: Because of my ever-growing fondness for
    Chanel,:love: I need to "weed out" some of the ones I don't really use anymore. It helps fund my Chanel addiction. :upsidedown:
  8. Ladies ... thank you for being in the same boat! Miffy27, that's exactly what happened with me! I rearranged my bags into color groups and realized I love each and every bag! Now I can see them when I open a door to any closet and I fall in love all over again.

    trish I agree about price. Most of my bags are older and I can't sell them for what I paid and probably would take a while to replace. oy
  9. Regina - i love ur chanel collections, u have the BEST chanels flaps that i've seen. Sometimes, i sell my bag becoz i feel dat i don't use it often or it's takin up too much closet space.

    My DH do not decides for me wat bag to keep or sell since the bags are own by me, i will decide my own.

    Unless i intend to change a bigger closet so that i can place all my bags there but if it's running out of space, then i guess either u find a bigger place which is the last resort...LOLLLL
  10. ^^Celia! I love the way you think! I've been looking for a bigger place ... my purses need their own room!!
  11. Hmm... Regina, I see that you're located in L.A. -the housing market is taking a dip here, so maybe that's a sign that you should capitalize on the lower prices, and i.e. NEED more space for your gorgeous Chanels ;) -instead of getting rid of em just for space's sake...

    My theory is: unless you're "over" a bag (i.e. don't use it that much, and wouldn't care if you let it go...) -don't sell it unless you HAVE to. There's so much space in this world, and so few Chanels to go around. You can always get more space -AND more Chanels to fill it :yes: LOL