How do you decide whether to close or merge threads?

  1. First off: mods, you do an awesome job keeping the sub-forums as uncluttered as possible....and I love that clearly dumb new threads (ie, "is this real?") get shut down fast....

    But I'm curious.... I've seen some similar topic threads merged.... and some are out right closed....

    I know I don't always think to search a topic before posting...esp if the thread has fallen down past the first couple pages....

    But what tips the decision between merging to closing?
  2. *usually*, and I speak for myself only, I will merge threads if there are a lot of responses on both threads.
    If the new one doesn't have any or has very few responses I usually just close it.
    I'm also more likely to merge threads if I have extra time.
    But like most people, my time is limited and since they didn't take the time to search first, sometimes I don't either! ;)
  3. oh, and THANK YOU for the nice comments:tender: