How do you decide when to Spa?

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  1. I was visiting my SA this week and off-handedly asked about Spa. I've been carrying my Rouge H leather GP almost non-stop since the fall. The bag is about two years old, and it's my fall/winter workhorse. It still looks good, but when I look very close, I can see a tiny bit of wear on the corners and the resin on the handles looks a little worn. Nothing that a casual onlooker would notice, but you can see it if you look closely. My SA said it's better to send a bag to spa before things get bad -- to consider it routine maintenance, like going to the dentist. :P I can see her point of not letting a bag get destroyed before bringing it in, but it got me wondering, how do you ladies all decide when it's time to bring a bag in to spa? Is it routine maintenance for you, or a last resort?

    Also, Funny story: My SA asked me where I picked up the term "Spa" because she's never heard it called that within Hermes. I told her tPF, and asked what they call it. "Post sale refurbishment" was the answer. I think "Spa" sounds much more luxurious! :lol:
  2. I have no experience with a 'spa treatment' at Hermes, but I wouldn't take my bag there unless it noticeably needed it due to the cost and the time they would take it for. It would have to be worth it in my open and my bag could then 'get the works' :P
  3. So far I only take my bags to "spa" when it's needed instead of routine maintenance. I think it should be case by case basis and whenever you're comfortable to send it in cause it might take months.
  4. OP - Where is your SA located? When DH and I were at FSH the SA helping us explicitly used the word "spa".
  5. 'Spa' is a better term!

    I wouldn't send my bags to spa unless there was a reason (i.e. damage, visibly worn down) given how long it takes to get them back. Also a number of members have mentioned that they have received bags back that were never serviced. A lot if waiting for nothing.
  6. I would try neutral polish on the corners before considering a spa. Often if wear is minimal it refreshes the colour and also conditions the leather. As for resin, I only ever replace when it is coming loose and find that with heavy wear this is after approx 6 years. The resin on the handles is affected by sweat, hand creams etc and eventually just peels off. At that point I send the bag back as if left untreated the exposed leather seams start to open and flare and it makes the eventual repair less satisfactory.
  7. To OP, is your SA new-ish? They are not making a lot of sense. First of all, "spa" as a term has been used by Hermes for years. 2nd, they should not encourage you to spa your just two-year old bag. Bags are made of leather and leather will get worn. A little worn marks can be easily touched up by a neutral shoe cream. It will also condition the leather. Spa should be used if only a bag needs major refurbishment, e.g. missing stitches, peeled resin, loss of colour or hardware issues etc. If your bag just shows normal signs of wear and tear from every day use, there is no need to send it for spa and be apart with it for months. And they may well send it back to you untouched.
  8. obviously you will not see the term "spa" printed in any official document or receipt but it is widely used verbally.

  9. Agree... it is good to maintain your bag by using a really good neutral shoe cream

    Sometimes if I get caught in the rain, I will the next day polish my bag
    but other than that if the bag has no major issues & it is well cared for
    you should be fin..
  10. Interesting that all the experts here mentioned neutral shoe cream. I am new to Hermes and when I got my K at FSH, I specifically asked about how to care for it. I have a guy who cares for all my designer bags for a decade now, and all the designer boutiques in town uses him too. When I told the Hermes SA about having him care for my K, she vehemently said no. She said that Hermes would prefer nothing applied to their bags other than by their own people. I should send my bag to Hermes for all cares...
    I usually send a new bag to my guy to weather-proof before using and cleaning before storage. Not sure I should do with my K now. I am in similar confusion as the OP@@
  11. I'm in Boston. I wonder if the term "spa" is used more in Europe than in the US?

    Good to know! I don't mind not having the bag during the summer, as Rouge H is for me more of a fall/winter color, but I certainly don't want it coming back untouched!

    My understanding is that if H can tell that you've used any kind of product on their bags, they can refuse to service it. I've heard this over and over, but wonder if it's ever actually happened to anyone here. My vintage Kelly has the Docride treatment, and I wonder, would they really refuse it at spa?
  12. Hi cats!
    My US SAs in NY and LA use the term "spa" but I am not sure it's lingua franca across all H stores.
    I spa'd my Clemence B after about a year because it had the corner problems so many Clemence B's suffer from. It only took two weeks and the bag looked amazing, but it was the colored polish touchup Doc talks about H doing, and yep it only lasted a couple weeks! Still, I would not hesitate to take my bag back to spa now that it's been a couple more years and there is handle darkening, a resin issue, etc. - I am only waiting til I have a bag that fills in the space in case it DOES take a while!
    I would certainly take the GP if you don't need it for the summer. I'm a believer in H spa :cool: although my vintage K hasn't gone yet because it's in such great shape. It made a big difference in my well-used Kelly wallet and they replaced the HW at no cost.
    I don't think a) regular leather conditioning precludes spa or b) that they are the CSI of bags :P and could somehow forensically detect non-H treatment. Obviously they know if a bag has been dyed or stitched or aggressively treated, but otherwise I'd be very surprised if Doc's treatment caused you any issues.
  13. I have sent countless bags back for a spa. When the first one cost £200+ for a clean I learnt how to clean myself and since then all repairs for my own bags are repair related so resin, stitching and part replacement. I have never had a bag refused.

    I use Docride recommended products to clean, nourish and protect my bags but would never do anything that would compromise the leather. So, no re colour, no stitching, no artificial protectors etc.

    I agree with Xiang Xiang. A little neutral polish can work wonders for slight wear on corners and your leather will will love you for it.
  14. catsinthebag, check out this thread The ever wonderful Docride dispenses advice on how to care for all kinds of H leather. It's a great reference source to be familiar with for H bags and others (I used some of the advice for my CC bags as well :P). There are also a number of posts that talked about what can the "spa" do for your bag. Things like corners are easy to care for (and proactively protect). BTW, depends on whether or not your boutique has a local craftsperson, the bag could go away to be spa'd for a long time.

  15. I usually send my vintage bags bought from resellers to the spa for 2 reasons

    1) general cleaning
    2) just to make sure they are 100% authentic (I keep the receipts in case I ever want to sell)

    However, after the first treatment, I treat subsequently myself using doc's methods. The spa in NYC costs about $244 and the wait time they quote is approx 10-12 weeks.