How do you decide when to pay retail and when to wait for a sale?

  1. Are there certain bags that you know won't make it to a sale? Is it determined by how much or how soon you want the bag? Does your budget require you to wait for sales?(mine does) Do you just prefer to not pay retail for anything?(this would be me to ha!) I was just curious.
  2. My budget requires me to wait for sales and I hate paying retail for things as well! I only pay retail for bags I know won't go on sale (e.g. Balenciaga, LV). I guess if there is a really really hot bag that I MUST have that runs the risk of selling out before sale season, I might consider paying retail for it...but probably not.
  3. As a college student, I really cannot afford to pay for things at retail price. I always wait for a sale or go find things at TJ Maxx. If there are bags that don't go on sale like LV then I turn to eBay and search for days before finally deciding. I don't think I have ever purchased a bag at retail price. It is simply way too high and would cut my wallet in half! hahaha
  4. I've only paid retail for LV. I just shop sales because everything is soooo overpriced.
  5. I never pay retail, I always wait for a sale. Right before Xmas, I bought a MJ Julianne for $875, on sale from $1200. But the week after Xmas, it went down to $625 and I thought, AHHHHHH! But luckily I was able to get a price adjustment.... I would have felt sick if I could have saved $250 by waiting a week. So for me my fear of overpaying is greater than my fear of losing a particular bag.
  6. I will only buy handbags on sale because the "thrill of the chase" is a large part of the fun for me. I love seeking out that great deal.

    However, I'm still buying stuff in the $400 and under price range... when I can afford a Balenciaga City (my future wishlist bag) I will probably pay retail for it (because I will want to pick out the leather & color in person).
  7. i don't think I have ever paid retail either. It just isn't worth it if you can get a bag in near perfect condition for 50% off (I'm a 'bay chick)
  8. It seems as if many manufacturers set their initial retail prices high so that stores can slash them for sales. Many of the purses I like come out with a $400-$500 price tag and two months later can be found somewhere for half off or even less than that. So as much as I may love a particular bag I always wait for the sale price. And if it never comes, well, then I can live without the bag. I certainly have enough purses.

    The only time I've ever paid full retail for a purse was last summer when I bought a Fossil canvas bag I loved. Fossil rarely goes on sale at the stores around here. And it's rare when I spot a particular Fossil style that I like on eBay. So I paid $55 for the bag last spring and now it's all over eBay for $20. Ah well. It is one of my favorite bags. :okay:
  9. I'd rather wait for sale. But there have been several exceptions, like when it is exactly what I've been looking for... and you know, it can not get any better than that... and, of course, the price can not get any better)))
  10. While I would prefer to get things on sale, if its something I want, I just pay full price for it. It's only a great deal if you get exactly what you want.
  11. I am a Chanel fan and on top of that, I like classics so I have to pay retail. Those don't really go on sale.
  12. I have found that I have too many bags I'm not in love with because they were a great deal, so now I decide what I want first and pay retail if I have to. Then I will know I have purses I really love.
  13. I've never bought any major handbag at full retail price. Maybe someday, but it's just not feasible for me right now. If I had the money I most certainly would!
  14. Girls, it seems to me that US sales are way better than the ones in Europe (London, in particular)! The designer bags on sale here are the ones I would never buy anyway...
  15. I depends on several factors for me...

    How badly I want the bag.
    If I have the cash, or need the sale price to be able to afford it.
    If it's sold at any place that will have an upcoming sale or has sales often.
    How much in demand is it and will it still be around when the sales start?