How do you decide what to let go?

  1. I am in the unpleasant situation of knowing for sure I have to let one of my treasures go to pay off my new one. But I feel like it's impossible! I usually had at least one that would be sort of "meh" and I knew I could sell it without any heartache. But now I'm in trouble! Maybe you guys can help me cull. Here's what I have it pared down to for Balenciaga:
    -Rouge Vif City
    -'04 Black City
    -'05 Caramel Day
    -'04 Pumpkin First
    -02 Black FBF
    -Aquamarine Work
    -'05 Turquoise Mini-Classique
    and now '05 Caramel Work but that is obviously staying...
    HELP!!! I don't want to be the one to make this decision:sad: ...
  2. I know with me, my taste changes. One day I love a color and a week later, I'm "over" it. Which do you use the least. I know if it was me, I'd get rid of the Pumpkin but I know were all different and have different taste. Or how about getting rid of the Caramel day since you bought the work?
  3. it's a tough decision but i will let go the 04 turquoise mini classique....hope this helps as i don't really like the style myself and i find it's a bit small in size.......:smile:
  4. I'd get rid of the pumpkin First or the aqua, I think, just because I would guess it would have the least utility (unless you wear a lot that would match?). Tough decision!
  5. That is the hardest decision!!! If I had to choose I'd part with the pumpkin first or turq. mini b/c I would just keep one smaller size Bbag.
  6. The pumpkin may be be a good sale right now though; I would wait to sell that one in the fall where you could get as much as you can for it; I would sell the aquamarine work. It will go for what you paid and now is the season for it.

    Good luck!! I am in the same boat!
  7. Style, I know it's a hard decision... I agree with the previous posters, if I were you I'd chose between the caramel day and the mini... The caramel day is the most obvious choice since you already have this color in a work and it's your holy grail...

    I'd definitely keep the pumpkin since it's so rare, you obviously love it enough to go through all that trouble with the handles, and most importantly, you'll never ever find one with brand new handles like yours.
  8. maybe one of the caramels??
  9. If you don't care to have bags of the same color, then sell the caramel day. Otherwise, I would consider the 06 Rouge since there is another red coming out this fall or the mini-classique because it is so small.
  10. oh wow - that is really really tough...

    Unless you've fallen out of love with pumpkin, I would definitely not sell that even though you could sell it for a lot. You transformed that baby and it is brand spanking new - basically if the pumpkin is let go I really don't think you'll ever find one again (should you regret it).

    I'd let go of one of the ones that more easily replaceable in the future that you don't get much use out of.

    Good luck with this really tough choice!!
  11. Hmmm...tough decision, but as what others have said prior, I'd go with the one that I use the least.

    I'm in the same boat as you, and really have to let go of a couple more Bal items that I have, especially because there are a few that I want from the new season. The idea of a collection is great, but in theory I don't really need that many on hand to be a happy person.

    Good luck with your choice, stylefly! I'm sure that with much thought you'll come to the right decision for you.
  12. I was in a similar sitation with my Chloes.

    So I made a spreadsheet listing all my bags in rows. Then I added columns for each of my favorite outfits ('Jeans an a T", "Black Biz Suit", "Sundress", etc). I asked DH to take a pic of me holding each bag with each outfit. I sat down with the pics and rated them 1-10 in each cell. Summed up the s/s and sold the least rated 3 bags :nuts:

    I am SUCH!!!! a dork :shame:
  13. I would say Mini Turq as well (but it's discontinued and it's too darn cute!).

    Do you have to choose? They are all equally wonderful.:p
  14. Are there any that you don't use alot and sit around more in the closet than they see the light of day? I would sell those ones. Even if it's rare or a 'collectors item' - I don't think it makes sense to have any $800+ bags sitting around in the closet just getting looked at when the money got from selling them could get you something you'll use :yes:

    If there aren't any you don't use alot.. then ehhh... hard decision lol
  15. I SO know how you feel because I am having to do the same thing right now! I usually pick by what I don't use or have not fallen in love with. Good Luck because it is SO hard!