How do you decide what color Chloes to get?

  1. Hello :smile: Well, my predicament is that I've been eying a Chloe in Whiskey, and I think the dark orange is a gorgeous color. However, just about all tan / whiskey / orange-ish Chloes I've seen have been worn by girls w/ blonde hair, and I'm a brunette. When looking at Chloes, I've noticed that brunettes tend to stick to darker colors, like black, bleu nuit, etc.
    I really do love the color! But I'm worried it may not...well, match me that well. How do you ladies decide on what color Chloe to buy?
    Thanks in advance! :shame:
  2. I actually agree with you. When I henna(ed) my hair I gravitated towards the orange pallettes. Now I have boring brown tresses and I feel funny wearing a whiskey color. Buying a whiskey Chloe has not been 'a pull' for me like it is for the other gals on this forum? But I seriously like the color, it just feels funny looking with the hues in my wardrobe; browns, poppy's, blue/greens? But not really?

    Soooo I decided to get some whiskey Chloe booties and I actually regret it. I really should have bought the black ones. It seems so difficult to match those booties with my pants and the the $$$:wear ratio=me losing.:sad:
  3. How does it match your wardrobe?? If there is nothing it will go with, then I would choose another color. I'm a brunette with copper highlights, and I love those colors.
  4. I think it's more about the colour palette of the clothes you're wearing than the colour of your hair. I went from very blonde to raven black hair ( not naturally of course) over the last 12 months and all my old bags still work fine with the colour change.
  5. I never even thought about my hair color when purchasing bags!!
    I usually base the color around my clothes- especially my coats and shoes.
    I usually migrate toward brown and whiskey colored bags and my hair is chestnut brown. Get the bag that makes your heart melt, no matter what shade your hair is, that's what I say!
  6. My hair is never a consideration for colour choice of my my wardrobe colours which is largely affected by where I live. I live in Canada and I find the colours here are very earth tony or dark so I choose colours to go with that! So my choices are usually blacks, browns, lighter browns like whiskey, and ofcourse soon to get purple when the unbeatable deal comes along.
  7. I don't consider my hair color either, but try to match my wardrobe. Perhaps it ends up that most blondes choose clothes that are better complimented by the whiskey and so it just works out that way?
  8. I never ever have considered my bag color and my hair color. I just pick colors that I love and that go with many things I own. I have really light brown hair (I say brown, other people call me a blonde), and I own a Whiskey Edith and a Blanc baby Paddy. I also have a bright blue LV. These all go with lots of things in my wardrobe.
  9. I'm blond and I never gravitate toward Whiskey. I always end up with either a red bag for a pop of color with my gray/black dominated wardrobe or a brown/black (like my Moka Bay :drool::smile:)

    I think whatever you are drawn to will work for you.

  10. Hummm are you pulling our leg GS?;)
  11. LMAO! :roflmfao:

    I didn't say "insane amounts of red lipstick!" I really only wear a little gloss on my lips!

    I do likey a red bag though! Like that Red Heloise Tote!
  12. I don't even think about my wardrobe that much in color selecting. I find that all the Chloe colors go with so many things that you cannot go wrong with any of them. For some reason I don't have anything whiskey but I probably will one day. A couple of the new Spring colors on Diabro look a little icky but I bet I would like them IRL.
  13. hmmm ... i am getting a tan paddy soon and i have black hair - i never really even thought about it ... hope its not going to be a mistake (i dont actually think it will be....):wtf:
  14. I also consider skin tone, just like with makeup and haircolor, some bags are warm and some are cool:supacool: