How do you decide what bag to buy?

  1. I dont know if this happens to anyone else but minute I can only buy one bag I can't for instance this year I can only buy one bag...for spring and summer...but because I can only buy one...I'm a total mess about buying - I keep going back forth between chloe,balenciaga,hogan, tods....all over the spectrum. I think I just want to get the best possible bag for me...but its madness...and then I can't decide whether to wait until I go and visit my boyfried in New York again...April or buy it now so I get more use out of I just really lame? OR does this happen to other people as well? :shrugs:
  2. hehe sounds like you're indecisive!

    we all get that way sometimes...that's why we have this forum! support.

    for me i do like having other inputs..but ultimately for me anyways, i decide what bag i like base on the want, the price, and the need....and i think other opinions do factor into my decision making

    but it won't be the sole reason.
  3. It's impossible. Take it from someone who has a closet full of inappropriate bags! My style has changed in the last year or so too, so stuff I bought last year I just don't use anymore.

    My priorities have changed too and I just can't go out and buy what I want anymore. So I have to be much more selective about what I get. Sit down and work out what you want the bag for - is it a career/work bag, or is it more casual? What do you wear most often? There's no point buying something classic if your style is more eclectic. Work out what colours you wear most often - if you wear neutral clothes then a statement colour bag might be best, if your a colours gal, then a more neutral bag would be best. Do you want suede or leather - bearing in mind that suede will be more difficult to look after. When do you plan to use it - spring/summer of autumn/winter or all year round. Then once you have your criteria, you can start measuring the bags on your shortlist against it.

    Phew, that sounds like a rather complicated plan, but it works for me :smile:
  4. The best way to decide is to try the bags on and see how you feel when you are carrying them. It's tough for me to decide when I can only see a picture of the bag, but if I can carry it and look in the mirror, I usually know if it gives me goosebumps!

    If you have to choose between several bags you love, that is more difficult! I hate being in that predicament!!! Do you have a trusted friend to give you some input?
  5. It happpens to me sometimes. I usually just say "ok, I am NOT thinking about this for the next day", just to give my brain a rest. Then I can come back with a clearer mind. You also might want to keep a list of possible bags, and then list the pros and cons with each bag. Keep narrowing down the list, eliminating the bags you are sure you have decided not to get, until you have a short list to choose from.
  6. Thanks for all your input!! it would be so much easier if I could just buy all the bags I wanted . But I think trying it on and making a list of pros and con's will be the best bet. I mean I put a lot of thought into other aspects of my life work, finances etc....why not use the same logic when buying a bag...I mean it is an investment :p .
  7. I know how you feel... I'm having that debate now.
  8. It is strictly an emotional decision - I feel. The bag for you has to grab you by the cojones and hold on - LOL! (If we had cojones...). It has to make you dream of it and yearn to carry it. There is no science. If there were you would be carrying some super practical used shopping bag that was sturdy or something.Forget that - LOVE it!!!!
  9. A balance of how comfortable the bag is, what it looks like, and how much it holds.

    If it's really cool looking, I can skimp on one of the other two; if it's comfortable or holds a lot, it can be kind of generic and plain.