How do you decide to sell a bag?

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  1. I know from my lurking days that many of you have sold bags on. How do you make a decision to sell a bag? I have two bags that I don't use very often for one reason or another so common sense is telling me to get rid. The trouble is I still love looking at and playing with the bags but that seems a bit silly. Also I think what if I sold them and then have an outfit or event that would have been perfect?

    One of them is Oak, I love the colour so I guess I could get a replacement bag in that colour. Its such a hard decision though, I feel I might regret it - How do you decide without going mad?!
  2. My bags tell me :nuts: yes I'm losing the plot.

    I was all set to offload my chocolate Bays which I never ever use - and the day I decided to sell it, I was invited out somewhere, and what do you know, it was the only bag that worked with my outfit, so made the decision to keep it - but then again Bays is such a classic so its inevitably going to work with something.

    Personally I think its some of the seasonal bags and seasonal colours, or more unusual bags that are the ones that can be difficult to use on a regular basis, which tend to get the boot after a while. I think if there's a bag that's caught your eye, go try it on and see if you will love it more than your existing bag, that generally gives you the answer.

    Good luck with your decision
  3. Charliefarlie that is a very good question.
    I was driving back from Shepton Mallet today & started thinking about why I have a high turnover of bags.
    I worked out that the average lifespan a bag has in my wardrobe is 3 years and then it goes.
    I've put it down to my personality as I'm the same with clothes. I like & need change, I could never be the type of person who carries the same bag day in day out for years.
    I don't have any neutral bags, all mine are colours. The only constant colour tends to be red.
    I've already said goodbye to four bags this season and am about to add a new one to my much diminished collection, the turquoise Mitzy messenger.
    I find making the decision easy. If I haven't used a bag for a while then I know it's not going to be long before I let it go.
    I've got bags out & thought how gorgeous they are but known they are no longer right for me.
    Last summer I used large coral Agyness but I'm wondering whether it'll get a look in this year as I've now got an aqua Mabel & will soon have the Mitzy. I know I'm not ready to say goodbye to it as I've got a lot of coral summer clothes.
    I had been hanging on to magenta Hanover but this week finally decided to let it go as I had one dress that it went with & that's just gone to the charity shop!
  4. hi charliefarlie
    i also find it really hard to decide. i have not used my black emmy for ages and generally find it too heavy and awkward to get in and out - but as it was my first Mulberry and a gift I cant decide to sell it - but i really should as it just sits there and then i could buy another bag that i would use more. I think only sell if you feel completely ok with it, otherwise you will regret it and end up looking for a replacement one on ebay!!! Also you could go through them all and try to use each one for a week - if it really does not work then perhaps it needs to go.
  5. Hi charliefarlie

    I'd say, if you're having reservations about selling a bag, have a good think about what those reservations are - is it just the colour you love, the style? Are you afraid if you sold it you'd want it back and not be able to get another one?

    My first Mulberry, an oak Emmy, was lovely in so many ways but I found I fell out of love with her and was quite happy to sell. BUT, only after I'd found my oak Phoebe which suited me better and is soooo much nicer in my honest opinion.

    Some bags that I HAD to have and then bought, didn't get used much at all after I got them (Bays and Annie for example). I toyed with selling them for ages and I'm only now happy to let them go because I've found a replacement: choc Phoebe.

    When I got choc Phoebe, I put the three choc bags next to each other and looked them over, to see which would 'win'; which one would I reach for no matter what. Doing this made it very easy for me to choose - Phoebe won every time!

    It's tough to sell a Mulberry but sometimes it's the best thing you can do - it gives you money for a new bag!!!!!! :nuts::graucho:
  6. I've yet to decide to part with any of my bags regardless of designer.
  7. When I need money for a new bag! :roflmfao:

    Seriously though, I have sold 3 of my mulberries, something I thought I would never do :nogood:

    The first one went because I already had the same bag in a different colour and so it didnt get used (plus I needed money for my leather jacket :nuts:). The second one, well, I loved it and agonised over selling it... but it hadnt had much use as it was a summer bag (for me anyway) and was a bit too small for daily use. The third one, I :heart: that one too, however it was too heavy for me. I still think about the second and third bags I sold and wonder whether I did the right thing, but its too late now :Push::rolleyes:
  8. Only if I haven't used it over a period of time . These days I try not to buy on a whim , think more about things and get it right . Saves a load of hassle .
  9. I have to normally think quite long and hard about seling a bag. If I'm not sure I want to sell one then I keep it a bit longer. When it gets to a stage that I KNOW I'm not going to use it, then I sell it and buy something that I WILL use.

    Occasionally I've made mistakes and I've sold something that I've then regretted and ended up buying a replacement but not often!
  10. Thanks for your input everyone, some excellent points there. Both the bags I am thinking of selling I used regularly for quite a while but my life has changed completely (new Mum on maternity leave:nuts: ) so I just don't get to use them much now, have other mulberries which are just easier. I think I will wait until I return to work and see if I use them more then as would hate to sell and regret it.

    KLP I have just purchased an Olive Phoebe (love this colour) and can't wait for it to arrive!

    Funnily enough, one of the bags I am considering selling is an Emmy (other is Rosemary), alot of people seem to have sold on their Emmys, its a beautiful bag but such a faff! I will try adding a shoulder strap and see if that helps.

    Thanks again everyone!
  11. I have an Oak Ledbury that turned out to be too small for me to use. I used it a couple of times when I first purchased it but have never used it since. Since then, I have been debating whether to sell it and I appreciate everyone's comments on this thread. When you do finally decide to sell a bag, how do you sell it - eBay? TIA
  12. charlie - I love the olive colour on Mulberry bags and the patina it gets is stunning. I would love to have an olive Phoebe but sadly my skin tone just doesn't work with it. I end up looking paler than I actually am which has the unfortunate effect of making me look like I'm ill. :weird:

    Sell Emmy, keep Rosemary!!!!! I agree, it's a lovely looking bag but a real pain to get into.
  13. Hi charliefarlie, with regards to Emmy and straps, I can't remember who shared this nice idea, but if you take both straps off and use only one across the top of the bag, Emmy becomes a delight to carry. It's like carrying a different bag!! This tip saved Emmy from the bottom of my pile of Mulberrys, I have started carrying her more often and this makes it much easier to carry, whole new experience. I love my Emmy in Oak, but my black Emmy has been used once or twice only. I can't warm up to her. As far as selling bags, I haven't yet sold any, but I did do an exchange in part with, and was able to acquire a beautiful Bottega Venenta bag.
    I am seriously considering selling my Oak Bays at this time, because I really want the Mitzy Messenger but don't feel llike spending any "new" money. I love the Bays, but have carried her only a handful of times and she just might have to go!!!!
  14. Mombug , what a shame about your bays !!! One thing I would say is that the Mitzy is nowhere near as sturdy and robust as a Bayswater . What is it that makes you not want to use it ?? The oak bays is a classic , and I see lots of people in Edinburgh carrying them . I love mine and the patina it has developed is beautiful !!
  15. Flossie, I really don't know why I don't use it, there is really no good reason. Sometimes I think it's because I have acquired so many bags, it just got caught up in the scuffle. I use my E/W chocolate Bays with no problem and pretty much everything else, but for some reason, Oak Bays never gets out of the closet. Perhaps I should make a concerted effort to carry her for a week or so and see if she suits me. I truly do love my Bays, but she has become something that I just take out of the closet now and then and look at her. So you don't feel as though the Mitzy Messenger is a worthy trade for the Bays???